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2023 Men's Look Book Hairstyling Guide

2023 Men's Look Book Hairstyling Guide

Get your hair looking Bueno with our first ever Look Book!  Hundreds of times a day we get asked by our fans, "I want this type of hairstyle/look, but I'm not sure which hair product to grab. Can you help?" Well, now we sure can via our Look Book that showcases a variety of cool men's hairstyles and the products/steps we recommend to achieve that style of hair. Start surfing!


Photo Credit: Blue Beards Revenge
This cut was started by the military, but crossed over to civilian life in the 80’s. The High and Tight involves shaving or closely cutting the sides and back while leaving a bit of length on top. Simple, pristine and easy to maintain.
What You Need: Texture Powder
How To Style: Start by sprinkling Texture Powder into the roots of your hair, then use your fingertips to style your hair straight up or over to the side to dial in this classic cut.


Photo Credit: Instagram @harry_sperrin
A combination of the 1950's Pompadour and the 1950's Flattop, the Quiff is a voluminous style that modernizes the most classic of looks. 
What You'll Need: SaltPuttyProtectFreeze 
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of Salt to damp hair, then apply a light coat of Protect. Emulsify a dime size amount of Putty and run your hands through your hair working from front to back. A quick blow dry will add volume and help achieve your hair is moving in the proper direction. Finish with a few sprays of Freeze to ensure it holds all day.


Photo Credit: Men's Hairstyle Trends

The Short Afro is an easy to maintain hairstyle for black men looking to embrace their natural hair texture. Rocking a short afro is a way to have a hairstyle that has volume but also is low maintenance.
What You'll Need: Military Brush, Salt
How To Style: Spray a few sprays of Salt directly to towel-dried hair. Use the military brush to shape. Allow Salt to air dry to finish.


Photo Credit: Instagram @josephmikos
Casual, charming, and fashionable, this messy cut is a trendy go-to look for those of us who want to "look a little rough around the edges," in a good way. An easy and quick style that definitely draws positive attention.
What You'll Need: SaltPaste 
How to Style: Apply Salt to damp hair. Allow hair to air dry, but not completely. Apply Paste, amount will vary based on length, and style with hands. Keep it messy, but make it look planned as well.


Photo Credit: Latest Hairstyle
The Classic Short with a Fade is a modern hairstyle that is simple and easy to maintain and will give you some added height if you’re a shorter dude. This haircut is becoming very popular because of its clean look and easy to maintain routine
What You'll Need: Texture Powder
How to Style: Starting with clean towel dried hair, blow dry your hair in the direction and place you would like. After, simply sprinkle some Texture Powder into the roots of your hair and blend to get weightless texture and superb hold for this hairstyle.


Photo Credit: Instagram @mane.kind
As much of an attitude as it is a style, the long lifted will not only show off your health and good genes, but can be an eye-catching style and won't take more than a few minutes of your time to get looking amazing.
What You'll Need: SaltProtectCreamBrush  
How To Style: Apply Salt and Protect throughout damp hair, and blow dry to add volume. Once hair is almost dry apply Cream and brush through hair for even distribution. Finish blow drying and hand style as needed to desired level of messiness.


Photo Credit: Instagram @davidzagskorn
Sometimes called the razor part, this cut features a clean shaved part down the scalp. Traditionally worn on the side, the hard part can work for a variety of looks, but does require a bit of maintenance to keep it looking clean.
What You'll Need: ProtectSaltClayComb 
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt spray to damp hair and style with comb. Apply Protect and blow dry to increase volume. Once dry, emulsify a dime size amount of clay and apply evenly. Comb again working from the part out on both sides. Ensure all hairs stay on they're respective side of the part.


Photo Credit: All Things Hair
The Curtains are a hairstyle that has been popular through many different generations and continues to be popular in modern culture. This haircut rocks long bangs that are usually parted in the center but can hang on the side. This cut looks clean for guys that have fine, straighter hair or can rock a more edgy look for those with curly hair.
What You'll Need: Salt
How To Style: Starting with clean, towel dried hair, spray some Salt and work through your hair to add some nice volume and a little shine to that hair. Then create a part in the middle of your hair and let those locks hang down!


Photo Credit: Instagram @luisguevaraz
No the combover is not just for hiding those thin spots, it's also a very stylish look for naturally wavy mid-length hair. This one is less about hold, and more about flow. If you want a hassle free style that looks great this is the one for you.
What You'll Need: ProtectCreamComb
How To Style: First towel dry lightly. While hair is still damp, apply a dime size amount of cream to hands and emulsify. Apply to hair and comb through evenly. Apply a thin layer of Protect. Blow dry and hand style to finish.


Photo Credit: Regal Gentleman

The Fringe hairstyle is becoming popular as a way to seem mysterious and sexy with long hair that hangs across your forehead. Although this hairstyle is a little bit harder to maintain, it is one that when done right will compliment your face and overall style.

What You'll Need: Texture Powder
How To Style: After towel drying your hair, apply some Texture Powder to the roots of your hair and “swoop” whichever direction you would like your hair to lay.


Photo Credit: Instagram @fierrosfitness
Labeled "The Gentleman's Cut," this classic, low-maintenance hairstyle is not only timeless, but flatters all textures and lengths of hair. Whether you are a rockstar, or a wall street warrior, this cut will add a bit of sophistication to your style.
What You'll Need: ProtectSaltPuttyComb
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of Protect to wet hair and blow dry. Once dry add Sea Salt Spray to dampen and add volume . Emulsify the putty and work evenly throughout hair with your hands. Comb to finish for a nice, clean look.


Photo Credit: Instagram @maartenvda
Even if you don’t live on the California coast, the Surfer Style is still a haircut you can achieve. With a little help from your barber and some high quality products, you can stunt that sun-kissed, Cali surfer look. If you’re feeling brave, bleaching your hair will add further to the style.
What You'll Need: Salt
How To Style: After a shower, towel dry your hair until it is damp. After towel drying, spray 5-6 squirts of Salt into your hair and work through thoroughly. Once Salt is worked in, scrunch your hair to give your hair some waves and curls. A high quality sea salt spray will give your that feel of surfing waves in the ocean and soaking up the sun on a hot day at the beach.


Photo Credit: Instagram @camcretney
Although this cut has traditionally been a short military hairstyle, it has evolved into a classic yet stylish men's cut for the new age. Masculine and athletic, this versatile style is open to interpretation for all textures and lengths.
What You'll Need: SaltPuttyProtect
How To Style: Gently towel dry hair. Apply a few sprays of sea salt and run through your hair with your hands. Emulsify Putty and work evenly through hair. Hand style preferred, but comb to style if needed. Apply light coat of Protect and blow dry to finish.


Photo Credit: Instagram @nick.mundo
Popularized by the one and only Elvis Presley, the Pompadour cut has been given a reboot and has become one of the most mainstream men's hairstyles. Short in the back and on the sides, with length and volume on top, this style is eye catching. Make sure to style for volume and have a "pomp" the gradually recedes towards the back.
What You'll Need: ProtectSaltClay 
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of protect to damp hair and blow dry. Leave hair partially damp and apply Sea Salt Spray. Blow dry again until hair is dry. Apply emulsified clay working from the root up to ensure proper volume. Hand style for best results, but comb if hair isn't cooperating.


Photo Credit: Instagram @prasadchandran
The "Bro Flow" is a new cut, and some of the world's most stylish gents have taken notice. While most cuts project a sleek appearance, the flow is all about a relaxed and rugged style, in a very fresh way. 
What You'll Need: SaltCreamComb 
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and comb through for even distribution and volume. Allow to air dry slightly and apply Cream to damp hair. Hand style and allow to air dry for natural curl and wave.


Photo Credit: Instagram @sudhir_maurya7
One of the most popular cuts, the Fade is the best way to keep your hair short on the sides and back. Easy to get and simple to style, fades compliment all hair types and face shapes.
What You'll Need: Clay 
How To Style: Apply emulsified Clay to damp hair and hand style. Blow dry for additional volume if needed.


Photo Credit: Instagram @jordan.rosh
Stylishly messy, this cut has become a trendy new take on a classic 70's look. You will need to make sure your hair is in good condition to pull this one off, and regular trips to the barber to have your ends trimmed is a must. However, if you put in the time, this style will definitely have you standing out from the pack. 
What You'll Need: SaltPaste 
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and hand style. Then apply emulsified Paste and "scrunch" hair with your fingers to give a naturally curled and textured look. Allow hair to air dry to finish.


Photo Credit: Instagram @walkertex69
The Under Cut is a great style built on shaved sides and a long top. The best part of this trendy cut is that it works great with all hair types, including curly or wavy. A clean and modern style that looks great at the office or a night out, the undercut will look great in any occasion.
What You'll Need: SaltCreamComb
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of Salt to damp hair and comb through for even distribution. Apply a dime size amount of Cream and comb style to finish. If needed, add a quick spray of Freeze to lock in the hold. 


Photo Credit: Instagram @timliufitness
Also known as the "Temple Fade," this style can have any length on top, while the sides are kept quite short and slowly taper off. This cut can be one of the best choices for a round face shape and is easy to maintain.
What You'll Need: Salt, Putty,
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and allow to air dry. Once dry apply Putty working front to back starting at the roots for volume and flow. A light coat of Freeze if necessary to finish. Can also try Pomade if want a slicker look.


Photo Credit: Instagram @dani.sannz
This is a simple, low maintenance hairstyle for guys that have long hair and want to achieve the rocker look. The Long Hair with Middle Part is also one that will suit most guys’ face shapes and styles, making it an easy choice for many dudes with long hair. Hence its popularity!
What You'll Need: Salt
How To Style: This hairstyle is easy enough to maintain, just part in the middle and let the locks hang! If you want to add some extra volume and texture, spray in some Salt to keep your hair looking moisturized and full of volume.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Curls add volume and texture to your hair without the need for much product or effort. The easiest and most versatile is with a short back and sides, and more length on top. Just remember to air dry whenever possible to keep down on the frizz.
What You'll Need: Cream 
How To Style: Apply emulsified Cream to damp hair and hand style. Allow hair to air dry to reduce frizz.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock
The original bad boy style, this style gained popularity in the 1950's and is loved by both classy guys who want a retro vibe and contemporaries with refined style. Complimented well with facial hair, if possible let a little scruff linger to help complete the look.
What You'll Need: SaltPower PomadeComb 
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt spray to damp hair and comb hair front to back. Apply Power Pomade and comb hair a second time to finish.


Photo Credit: Hair Style Camp
You don’t have to be a rockstar to don some long hair! Long hair can look put together and presentable when done the right way. With well taken care of, moisturized, tousled hair, you’ll be turning the heads of many spicy senoritas.
What You'll Need: Salt
How To Style: Having long, strong and healthy hair requires a bit of maintenance and finesse at times. A key to having this healthy hair is to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis depending on your hair type. After showering and towel drying your hair, spray some Salt into your hair to create texture and volume. From here, blow dry and/or add a product that suits your hair, then let your hair hang and set out for the day!


Photo Credit: Shutterstock
A less dramatic take on the Mohawk, the sides are clipped short with a dramatic strip left on top. From Beckham to Pitt, a number of the most stylish men in Hollywood have donned this look, and done it well.
What You'll Need: SaltPutty
How To Style: Apply salt to damp hair and let air dry. Apply emulsified Putty to top hair only working from the root up. Apply a few sprays of Freeze to lock in place if needed.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock
An iconic style that pays homage to the Roman general that gives its name, this cut is characterized by short, horizontally straight cut bangs. A low-profile cut with a fringe, that's versatile and easy to style.
What You'll Need: Clay
How To Style: Apply emulsified clay to damp hair and allow hair to air dry.

The Official Alpha M. Hairstyling Tutorial: 2022 Edition

Still Undecided? Let Your Face Shape Make The Choice!

Your face shape has a huge effect on what hairstyle will look best on you. Use this visual as a guide to imagine your own hair and what style you should go for. 

Need To Be Sure On Hold and Shine?

It all starts finding a hair product with the right amount of hold and shine. Use the charts below in conjunction with the hairstyles above to help make picking our men's hair products to use a breeze!

A brief recap of our men's styling aids:

Putty is the best men’s hair styling product on the planet! It is our best-selling product as its amazingly versatile, and includes a strong hold combined with low shine. It is great for that messy/not messy look and is ideal for men with short to medium hair, but can work with all hair types.
SALT Sea Spray is all about volume and texture. If you’ve been wondering how to add volume or texture to your hair, this sea salt spray is the way to go. You’ll most likely want to combine this product with any of our other styling aids, but it can be used by itself too. Game-changing product!
Texture Powder provides incredible styling versatility, weightless volume and texture, and an all-day hold that can be restyled at will. Great for all hair types, especially short to medium styles. 
TREAT Argan Oil is a pre-styler loaded with argan oil to keep hair soft, strong, moisturized, frizz-free, silky-smooth, and shiny. Argan oil is one of the best products to helpe keep both hair and skin looking amazing. It's truly a treat for your hair, get a bottle... your hair deserves it!
Hair Clay is probably our most underrated top-selling product. It is excellent for men with thinner hair looking for that spiked up look. It has a strong hold with little to no shine. You will find that it is a bit more creamier and versatile than most clays. It is ideal for gents with shorter hair as it adds an incredible amount of body and thickness making your hair feel fuller. 
Paste is the most versatile of them all. Paste has a medium hold and medium shine so men can take it up a level or down depending on how else they style their hair. It provides incredible texture without being stiff. If you’re just trying to get a feel for the hair styling land, Paste is always a great one to start with.
Cream is great for men who just want some light styling in their hair to keep it neat and tidy. If has a light hold and shine so it won't look like you have anything in your hair. It can be great for guys with curly hair and helps tame frizz and fly-aways. If you don't want your hair product to weight your hair down but need some hold, grab Cream. 
Pomade is perfect for men that want that polished look. It provides a medium to strong hold with a ton of shine too. If you want that slick, neat hair style where you probably are using a comb, then pomade is probably the call. 
Power Pomade takes our classic pomade up to a whole different new level in hold and shine. While the pomade looks a bit more creamy, Power Pomade looks like a gel but is all pomade. Super hold, super shine, super hair product for that slicked and styled hair look.
GELous is our extreme holding styling gel. It has a super-strong hold with high shine that locks hair in place. If you want that slicked back wet look this is an excellent option. Gelous is great for short to medium hair lengths and unlike most gels isn’t greasy and doesn’t make your hair crunchy. 
FREEZE Hairspray is our set it and forget it hair spray! Works instantly too. Great for that last step to lock it in place for perfect hair. No stiffness or stickiness either and it washes out easily.
PROTECT Heat Shield Spray is a solid heat protectant spray to protect your hair from hot tools like a hair dryer. If you use a hair dryer, you need this heat shield as it is loaded with keratin and more to provide a nearly impenetrable force field from the dangerous heat since hair is very fragile.

PRO TIP: Salt Adds Incredible Volume & Texture To Any Style!

HAIR QUIZ/TOOL: If you’re still not sure, take our hair recommendation quiz tool to help you decide. We'll help you make a solid pick based on hairstyle, hold, and shine... all in seconds!
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