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How To Choose The Best Men's Shampoo For My Hair

How To Choose The Best Men's Shampoo For My Hair

Article Outline

1. How shampoos are different.

2. Guide to high quality shampoo.

3. What shampoo suits your hair needs.

4. Advice on using conditioner.

With all the different types of shampoo available it easy to see how us Gents can get confused on which one to buy. Do you read the back of the bottles and strategically choose the best shampoo for your hair type? Or do you just grab the one that smells the best and be on your way? Regardless of your methods, we’re here to make your decision much easier. Just ask yourself these simple questions to find the shampoo that’s perfect for you!


If the answer is yes, go no further. Along with an itchy, red, irritated scalp, the main symptom, and the one that people notice, is flakes. Now by no means does having dandruff mean your hair isn’t clean. Dandruff is caused by a naturally occurring microbe on the scalp which breaks down oils into substances that can cause irritation. While everyone has these microbes, only about 50% of people have scalps that get irritated by them. Unfortunately, flakes are noticeable, and an itchy scalp can get annoying quick. Grab a great dandruff shampoo and be rid of the flakes and itch for good. Make sure you’re using something that has a high concentration of Coal Tar, the active ingredient needed to rid you of your dandruff. Use the shampoo for at least one week after you no longer notice itchiness or flakes. Make sure to keep a second bottle on hand and begin treatment immediately if you notice any flakes reappearing.


There are many reasons why your hair can be dry. Sometimes the scalp doesn’t make enough oil to properly moisturize the hair.  Over washing and blow drying too often can also be the culprits. Not to mention, exposure to lots of sun, or application of chemical treatments like dyes can lead to dry brittle hair as well.  Regardless of what happened to get you there, dry and brittle hair needs to be handled immediately. Get yourself an amazing hydrating shampoo to help bring some life back into those follicles.  What you’re looking for here is something with Argan Oil, which is a great moisturizer packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants. It not only rehydrates your hair, but also helps keep it protected from future damage. It can even add shine, reduce frizz, and replenish the natural oils in the scalp protecting you from, you guessed it…dandruff.


It may be genetics, or maybe we’re just getting a bit older, but sadly, some of us have to deal with thinning and fine hair. Now, we have an entire article devoted to tips and tricks for thinning hair; but for now, here's what you need to know. 

A good thickening or volumizing shampoo incorporates technologies and ingredients that allow the hair strands to have lift, or volume. Also, look for something that contains Biotin, Rice Protein, and/or Vitamin H, the essential vitamin needed to promote healthy hair and new growth.


Well played Sir…well played. For generally healthy, flake free hair, a general deep cleansing shampoo will do just fine. Most importantly, find something with Tea Tree Oil, which is essential for healthy hair and scalp. Tea Tree oil not only helps fight bacteria and clear pores, which can prevent infection of the scalp and hair root, it can also prevent dandruff, and is used as a remedy for hair loss.  The best part? It’s all natural. So, skip the chemical bath, grab an amazing Tea Tree Oil shampoo, and keep your hair healthy and on your head!


Ok, we get it. Sometimes your hair issues get a bit out of control. But if you think you've gone post the point of no return, think again. You just need a Bueno Hair revival! Look for something with a combination of Black Clay and Charcoal. It's going to work effortlessly to remove impurities in the hair follicles and scalp while helping to strengthen hair and help reduce dandruff, flakiness, and irritation.


Regardless of which shampoo you choose, it’s important to follow that up with a great conditioner. Conditioner provides a protective coating on each follicle allowing it to grow healthy and strong. It also smooths the hair, helps detangle, increases shine, reduces frizz, and just generally makes it nicer to the touch. Any time you shampoo your hair, you should also condition. It only takes an extra minute, and your hair will thank you later.


Answer these simple questions to find the shampoo that's right for you, and get your hair in tip top shape! Don’t forget to condition! Also using a pure Argan oil treatment at least once a week is recommended for those who want to go the extra mile; and if you are an avid blow dryer, don’t forget to use protection.


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