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The DIY Barbershop Neckline: How To Trim Your Neck Hair Between Cuts

The DIY Barbershop Neckline: How To Trim Your Neck Hair Between Cuts

Article Outline

1. Which grooming tools to use.

2. How to line up and round off the neckline.

3. Tips for cleaning up.

We can all agree neck hair is annoying. Nothing ruins that barbershop cut faster than overgrown edges. So, to keep you looking amazing in between trips to the barbershop, follow our guide to keep that neck line looking fresh and clean.


Make sure you have the right tools for the job. A great trimmer is the key to making this process as easy as possible. Look for something with a ceramic blade which creates less friction and heat, thus reducing irritation. A durable titanium rake will stay straight longer, allowing you to create that perfect guide much easier. A second mirror is also a must. A mirror with a stand or swing arm will really come in handy by allowing you to have both hands free to trim.


First stand with your back facing your main mirror. Position a second mirror in front of your face so you can see the back of your head in the main mirror. Shirts off here. The rounded collar of the shirt can play tricks with your eyes, which can make keeping the neck line straight rather difficult.


Comb your hair straight down to start. This ensures you won’t be left with any uneven strands when you’re finished. Hold the trimmer with the teeth of the blade facing the back of your neck and shave a line horizontally across the back of your neck. Keep this line as straight as possible for obvious reasons and as close to your natural hairline as you can. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD! Go slow and be precise. Once the hair is gone, it’s gone for a while. You don’t want to end up with a neck line that’s halfway up the back of your head. If you're super nervous about not being able to keep the line straight, grab yourself an edge up tool to make sure you keep it low and straight every time.



Next flip the clippers over so the teeth of the blade are facing upward. Start as low as you can on your back and shave upward in vertical sections until you come to the your horizontal line. Don’t forget to clean up the sides of your neck as well. Neck hair on the side will become much more noticeable once the back has been cleaned up. Better to just take it all down at once.


For a more professional look shave off the corners on each side for a nice rounded finish. Now is also a good time to clean up behind and over the ears. Comb your hair straight down over your ears and trim anything that hangs over.


Now there’s no doubt that this job is easier with assistance. If possible, ask for help. However, if you’re left flying solo, follow these steps to keep that hairline fresh. It will go a long way to keeping your hair looking Bueno in between cuts. Also, a splash of aftershave when your finished never hurts.

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