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How Men Can Add More Volume to Their Hair

How Men Can Add More Volume to Their Hair

Do you ever just feel like your hair falls flat? After a day in the humidity or a few runs of experimenting with some less-than-ideal products, it’s not uncommon for your hair to lose its mojo every now and again. But the occasional lifeless 'do isn’t a life sentence, guys. In fact, there are some easy things you can do to crank up the volume so your hair has a big personality of its own. The secret sauce is using a sea salt spray like our SALT which will add incredible volume and texture to your hair, or a product like Texture powder, but let’s dive into all the hair issues so that you can volumize your hair exactly the way you want too.

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Why Does Hair Go Flat? 

In order to learn how to add volume to hair, you must understand the reasons why it goes flat. There are many things to blame for a lack of volume, but some of the most common culprits are excess moisture and built-up products in the hair. Washing with the wrong products can cause buildup on the strands, weighing down hair and causing it to look saggy and lifeless. Greasy, dirty hair tends to be heavier, too, causing locks to look devoid of life. And then there’s your styling choices and genetics to consider.

How to Add More Volume 

Adding volume comes down to a few important factors: your haircare routine, your haircut and your hair itself. Playing around with different combos can help you figure out a volume-boosting formula that works for you. Every guy can have a voluminous hairdo with the right products (and the know-how to properly use them, of course). Here are the ones you need:

  • Shampoo: An amazing volume shampoo is not only the easiest, but most effective way to add some instant volume, and bring those luscious locks back to life! Look for something jam packed with Biotin, the active ingredient need for truly Bueno hair! Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is another great way to not only add volume, but texture as well! 
  • Conditioner: To keep your locks alive and at peak volume, condition your hair regularly. Choose a conditioner that revitalizes dry, damaged hair without the extra weight. Yes gents, men use conditioner too. If any, condition more...shampoo less!
  • Sea Salt Spray—With the right Sea Salt Spray, you can bring your hair to life with big volume and texture. How? It’s all about zapping the moisture. To use sea salt spray, spritz it on as a pre-styler directly out of the shower after thoroughly towel-drying your hair. 
  • Hair Putty—Next up: some quality hair putty. This stuff provides a firm yet flexible hold so that it keeps your salted, towel- or air-dried hair perfectly in place. It’s basically an antigravity secret that prevents styled hair from falling flat in a matter of minutes. If Putty isn't your thing, use a light hold hair thickening cream.
  • Blow-Dry Your Hair—Once you’ve got the right products, you’ve got to invest in the right tools, and the number one tool for pumping up the volume is no doubt the hair dryer. Fresh off a good wash, wield the dryer, blow-drying in the opposite direction of your normal style. You can even fluff your locks by leaning over as you blow dry, letting the air lift the hair from the root. Pro Tip: Don't forget protection! Too much heat can do some serious damage! 
  • Take Biotin Gummies - Biotin is key to keratin production, the active protein for healthy and strong hair. By taking this daily supplement, it can strengthen your hair follicles to add volume and keep your hair healthy. Our biotin gummies are cherry flavored, non GMO and made in the USA.
  • Get a Haircut—Did you know that, according to the laws of gravity, longer hair will be heavier and therefore flatter? It may be time to free your scalp of some of the weight so that it has the ability to unleash its inner volume. The cut and style itself will also contribute to how voluminous it looks. Ask for a pompadour with an undercut (think: Bruno Mars) or if you’re more into laid-back styles, a breezy up-swept style (think: Bradley Cooper).

The Discovery Phase

Our best piece of advice for finding a hairstyle that works for you is this: Take time to experiment with different products, hair care routines, haircuts and styles. Nobody’s born knowing how to achieve GQ-perfect locks and, for some guys, it can take years to nail it down. 

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  • Because of this recent Covid19 episode, I went to YouTube to find out how to cut my own hair, and I am so glad that I was directed to your instructional video. I was so impressed with it, that I decided to order a few of your products online. “WOW!” You were right Alpha M, the Sea Salt Spray is a game changer! It is without question the most amazing grooming product I have ever used! Thank you Pete & Pedro. I am a customer for life!

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