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8 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

8 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

Besides the way it looks, there are few things more important about a certain haircut than how much maintenance it requires. Because, let’s be honest, everybody wants that perfect, close-clipped fade, but keeping it tight could mean a trip to the barbershop every two weeks or less, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

But the fact that you want a low-maintenance haircut doesn’t mean you’re relegated to something shoulder-length or sloppy. If you’ve got the right cut and the right men's hair products, you can get the neat look of a fade without all the hassle, money and upkeep. Here are some low-maintenance hairstyles for men that break the cycle:

  1. The Crew Cut—Though it originated at Yale in the 1920s, the crew cut has long since broken out of its preppy pigeonhole. These days, the crew can sway edgy, athletic or sophisticated. This cut features a graduated length on top with medium-length sides to create a fuller silhouette all around the head. Of course, the longer sides mean you can rock it for longer without the need for a trim every couple of weeks. 

  2. The Faux HawkBreak out the hair putty, guys, because the faux hawk is back. Here’s the thing: The faux may take a few extra minutes to style in the morning, but it looks pretty damn good grown-out, so it saves you all the time, effort and money of getting constant cuts. Plus, once the top grows out, it takes on a sort of pompadour look, which always looks amazing.

    The Faux Hawk
  3. The Long Taper Fade—The classic taper fade is a great option because it gives you that same fresh, trimmed look as a tight fade but looks great at a bunch of different lengths so you’re not constantly worried about keeping it short. The classic taper features a close cut on the back and sides with about 2 inches of length on the top for a little wispy dimension.

    The Long Taper Fade
  4. The French Crop—This classic haircut typically involves a taper fade or undercut with shorter hair on top. You can take this 'do in a number of different ways, from some dramatic top fringe to a hard part that fades into a close crop. Either way, though, the French crop tends to grow out in the same way it’s cut, maintaining its unique contrast in length, so it looks great for weeks after your initial cut. 

    The French Crop
  5. Flowy, Medium-Length Hair—Of course, a longer hairstyle is always going to pass the low-maintenance test better than a shorter one would. Go for medium-length locks—say, long enough that you can tuck it behind the ear—and enjoy months of no barbershop visits. Just don’t forget to keep it neat with the right products. For example, by using a sea salt spray for men, you can add some volume or using a texture powder you can add volume and texture to locks that might otherwise fall flat.

  6. The Long Comb-Over—Comb-overs are amazing because they can add lots of volume and dimension for guys with thinning hair. Plus, they’re super low-maintenance. But, if you’re nearly bald up top, it’s time to say goodbye to the “crutch” combover (looks terrible!) and just shave the head. At first, you may be disheartened, but shortly you will be emboldened being bald and beautiful! If you do the combover route, ask for a longer comb-over with a more dramatic part (push the part as far to the side as possible) so more of the hair is long and doesn’t require as much attention from your barber.

    The Long Comb-Over
  7. The Shag—Few haircuts are quite as rustic-chic as the shag, rocked by hair icons like Kit Harington, Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp. If you’re going for an artsy look that’s amazingly low-maintenance, let your hair grow to ear-length or longer. Like any longer style, you can keep things in control or add some polish by using men's hair products to slick back your hair or create a side swipe.

    The Shag
  8. The Man Bun—Last but not least, let us present to you one of the boldest low-effort men’s haircuts ever: the man bun. Whether you take it in the tight, neat direction or let it grow out for some hippie vibes, you can’t go wrong when you tie your locks up in a bun. The key is learning how to nail the perfect bun so you can throw it up in a matter of seconds and look amazing before walking out the door. Practice (and product) makes perfect! If the man bun isn't for you, you can always try the Bro Flow...

Simplicity Is Key

If you couldn’t tell, one of the things that unites all low-maintenance cuts is that they’re relatively simple. That means no time-consuming braids, elaborate shapes or shaved designs. Keep it medium or long in length to cut down on visits to the barbershop, and keep lots of good styling products on hand to neaten up your locks as needed.

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