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Shark Tank Experience

Aaron - our founder - is one of the few entrepreneurs who has been on Shark Tank twice! After pitching the original 'Style System by Alpha M' that failed, Aaron then went back on the show for a second time to showcase Pete & Pedro. At the time, we had just a handful of products and Aaron was running the business solo, but Aaron nailed it and made a deal with awesome Barbara during the show... or did he?  

 See how the pitch unfolds for yourself here and the recap after down below. What a ride!

"It smells delicious!" - Barbara Corcoran shark tank feature

On the show Aaron pitched a range of our original products, including our best selling Putty, and other styling aids like Clay. Years later, these products continue to pull in 5 star reviews and we continue to listen to feedback to make them the best hair products on the market for men.

putty reviews

Aaron Decided To Go Alone...

But what you see live isn't always the full story. Aaron decided that going alone would be better for him and Pete & Pedro. With Barbara wanting a % of all income generated from Aaron's personal brand too, it didn't feel like the right decision for Aaron and he wanted to stay authentic.

You can watch Aaron reflecting back on the experiences he's had on Shark Tank and answer the question he gets asked a lot... "would you go on Shark Tank for a third time?!"