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The Three Minute Bed Head Fix - No Shower Needed

The Three Minute Bed Head Fix - No Shower Needed

Gents, we know most times you wake up on time and are ready to crush the day. However, we've all fallen victim to the snooze button from time to time; but an out of control bed head lets everyone know you had a rough start. Never fear! Follow these simple steps to tame the beast known as bed head, and keep that late rise a secret.


DO NOT STICK YOUR HEAD UNDER THE FAUCET! Completely dousing your hair will not fix bed head. In most cases, it will actually  make it much harder to work with. Instead, simply wet a comb and give it a quick run through your hair. Spend a little extra time on those trouble spots. Make sure to comb from the root up. The root of the hair has the most control over where it will lay. Once you have something close to your typical style, it’s time for step two.


A pre-styler will help coax the hairs resisting the water treatment back into place. Go light on the spritzing here. You don’t want to completely douse your hair. A few sprays will do just fine. Once applied, dry your comb and run it through again. The obvious option is Sea Salt Spray, but Texture Powder is a simple alternative too. At this point your bed head should be all but gone, but don’t stress if there’s still some trouble areas, step three will take care of them.


Heat, in combination with a great pre-styler, will easily take care of any remaining problem areas. Applying heat will also revitalize the volume lost when damping the hair. It’s important to use a decent hair dryer here, something with a concentration nozzle will really come in handy when attempting to style uncooperative hair. Just make sure to use a good heat protector to avoid burning.


Yes gents, hairspray is still popular, just don't go overboard. A light coat of hairspray when finished will ensure that all the work you’ve done to get rid of the bed head lasts throughout the day. Spray at a distance to ensure even coating and to avoid the wet, plastic look. Remember at this point to set it, and forget it. Once the hairspray dries, too much tampering can lead to flaking, giving off the appearance of dandruff. Trust the spray, don’t tamper.

The entire process should take less than a few minutes; and while we agree there’s no cure for bed head quite like a full shampoo and condition, this quick routine will get you looking amazing and ready to crush the day, even if you got a late start. 


It really is as simple as that, 3 minutes. However, if you have even less than 3 minutes simply apply Texture Powder. Honestly, it's incredible!

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