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Nail Clippers Set

Premium stainless steel nail clippers set comes with a protective leather case and is lasered with our donkey logo. Clippers offer precise, strong, and sharp cutting edges and a nail file for an amazing nail-trimming experience. 

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Pete & Pedro Nail Clippers Set is our premium super-slick set of stainless steel nail clippers that every gent needs in his grooming arsenal. If those hands of yours aren't the first thing those sexy senoritas notice about your grooming habits, it's definitely in the top five. Gents, you gotta' keep those mitts in tip-top shape!

The stainless finger and toenail clippers set includes both a toenail and fingernail clipper, and a protective leather case emblazoned with our logo. Both clippers also have a nail file on the back side and our famous donkey lasered onto the stainless steel. Slick!

The clippers offer strong, sharp cutting edges for precise and premium performance. The unique handle design allows the nail clippers to cradle fingers, making it easy to control and deliver a confident clip every time. Blades also cut thick nails smoothly and easily with no need for filing, preventing the dreaded nail split.

Get one...or a bunch!  Great to have a set at home, at work, in the car or for the road. Makes for an excellent gift too.

Directions: For best results, soak nails before clipping to soften. Clean clipper blades after each use.

PRODUCT NOTE: The nail clippers have a "blue seal film" to protect the nail file on the flip side of each nail clipper. Please remove the film before using the nail file.

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