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Styling Aids

Our best-in-class styling aids is where it all began. Led by our famous Putty and tag-team pre-styler SALT Sea Spray, we've got a hair product for every men’s length, face shape and style imaginable. We carry a wide selection of hair products from a cool clay to a lock it in place hair spray to a classic pomade to an extreme hold gel to a keep hair tidy styling cream. If you’re still not sure which one to grab, check out our grooming advice section which is filled with hair styling tips. You can also try out our hair recommender tool.

Our Men's Hair & Styling Products

If you’re trying to figure out which product is best for your hair, take a peek at our quick recaps below of all our styling aids. Of course, each product page has even more details along with customer feedback, images, hair tips, and advice videos.

Putty is the best men’s hair styling product on the planet and has won numerous awards. It is our top-selling product for good reason as men love its amazing versatility, strong hold combined with low shine. As the product starts chunky, be sure you activate in your hands prior before applying or it won’t be able to work its magic. It is great for that messy/not messy look and is ideal for men with short to medium hair, but can work with all hair types.

SALT is our natural sea salt spray for men that will rock your hair world. If you've never used a salt spray, it is time to start and this is the one to grab. It's amazing! SALT sea salt spray adds instant thickness, volume, texture, and a light hold. SALT is generally used as a pre-styler, meaning you tag-team with any of our other styling aids first. You can use it solo of course too, and SALT is great for bed head. Trust us, SALT is a gamechanger.

SALT Sea Spray is the best prestyler hair product for adding incredible volume and texture to your hair. If you’ve been wondering how to add volume or texture to your hair, this sea salt spray is the best way to make it happen. You’ll most likely want to tag-team this product with any of our other styling aids, but it can be used by itself too. It is great for men that dont really like too much hair product but want just enough to give it some subtle style and hold. Salt spray is great for bed head and beachy hair styles as well. And even, woman love our SALT too! Trust us, give SALT a try, it’s a total game changer to your hair look and style.

Clay works great for men with thinner hair looking for that spiked up look. It has a strong hold with almost no shine. You will find that it is a bit more versatile and creamier than most clays. It is ideal for gents with shorter hair as it adds an incredible amount of body and thickness making your hair feel fuller. Somethings guys love about Clay are that it is lightweight, smells awesome and washes out really easily too.

Paste is probably our most versatile product as it can honestly be used for any hair style. It provides incredible texture without being stiff, greasy, or flaky. It provides middle of the road hold and shine, but there's nothing average about this styling aid. It's a rockstar.


Paste is one of those hair products that just wants to do everything pretty darn good. And, somehow it gets the job done! Paste is our most versatile product as it has medium hold and medium shine so men can take it up a level or down depending on how else they style their hair. It provides incredible texture without being stiff. If you’re just trying to get a feel for the hair styling land, Paste is always a great one to start with and is probably our most underrated hairstyling cream.

Cream is great for men who just want some light styling in their hair to keep it neat and tidy. If you’re looking for a light hold and shine without looking like you have any product in your hair this is the product for you. Hair cream helps with some light conditioning too and is key in taming of frizz and fly-aways. It’s a great option for guys with thinning hair and do not want their hair to get weighed down like a pomade or gel might.

Pomade is perfect for men that want that polished look. Our pomade provides a medium to strong hold with a ton of shine too. If you want that slick, neat hair style where you probably are using a comb, then pomade is probably the call. Ours is a pretty classic pomade and gents love it because it is water soluble and washes out easily. If you're looking to slick your hair over or back and want a wet or shiny texture, this is the product to get.

Power Pomade takes our classic pomade up to a whole different new level in hold and shine. While the pomade looks a bit more creamy, Power Pomade looks like a gel but is all pomade baby! Super hold, super shine, super hair product for that slicked and styled hair look.

GELous is our extreme holding styling gel. It has a super-strong hold with high shine that locks hair in place all day long. If you want that slicked back wet look this is an excellent option. Gelous is great for short to medium hair lengths and unlike most gels isn’t greasy and doesn’t make your hair crunchy. Smells awesome and washes out easily too.

FREEZE Hairspray is no joke if you want to lock your hair in place! Works instantly too to dry your hair. If SALT is the best prestyler, than FREEZE is the best post-styler as it is the ideal product for that last step for perfect hair. Our hair spray will also add a bit of texture and volume and shine, but nothing over the top. No stiffness or stickiness either and it washes it oh so nicely.

If you’re still not sure, take our hair recommendation quiz tool to help you decide. You can also send us a selfie where we will send you a personalized pick. Asking your barber is always the best way to go as they will see you up close and personal and know exactly what you are looking for, but we will do everything we can to provide our best styling aid pick!

To see all our styling aids based on hold and shine you can see our hair charts. These hair guides will help make the decision a lot easier seeing how they all compare against each other. And, of course, we’ve got a whole bunch of hairstyling and grooming tips videos that Alpha has done over the years that should make picking a men’s hair product a breeze!

Last, but definitely not least, if you’re still not sure which product to grab, grab a bunch for trial! Our Core Four Styling Aid Kit is a “sampler” set of our best products bundled together for big savings and is really popular for new gentleman to the line.