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P&P Limited Edition 7" Retro Comb

P&P Limited Edition 7" Retro Comb

Retro comb has the cool tortoise shell design and the premium acetate makes it feel great in hand or hair. Emblazed with P&P logo and name.
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The P&P 7" Retro Comb is a cool twist on the old classic barbershop design. This super cool tortoise shell design gives the comb an old-school cool look, and the premium acetate makes it feel great in the hand & hair! Grab this sexy beast while supplies last.

Perfect for all hair lengths and textures

Customer Reviews

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Amazing comb

The comb is of high quality and works great. Very durable. The logo and lettering literally wiped off with my finger and after a few uses the letters are pretty much gone

Very stylish

Works great so far

Just a comb

Has a neat look but doesn't do anything different than your basic drug store comb.

Bless up

WOW I have short hair but WOW (3-4 inches)

My hair was ok, now its bueno

During picture day at school, there was a box of free combs. I am the kind of man that takes what is free and offered to me. Having grown up using only free combs, I decided to break the mold, because the free combs kept breaking. Having bought this comb, because of the tortoise shell design and the AlphaM goodness with it, I am proud to say my purchase wasnt a purchase, but an investment. The comb is sturdy, classy, and makes my stubborn hair beautiful. I feel and look like an alpha. Bueno hair

Good Comb

the quality of the comb is great, the thing keeping me from giving it a 5 star is the fact that it is a limited edition product and it has the name of the company painted on. for a limited edition i believe that it could have been engraved but apart from that it is an amazing product that i would recommend to friends and family.

Great comb

Been looking for a comb that looks like the ones I seen at a barbershop. Love the look and feel of the comb.