Help Me Pick The Right Styling Aid:

Save time with automatic delivery of your favorite products.

Here at Pete & Pedro, we know time is dinero. You are a busy dude with a lot on your plate. Between school, work, family time, honey-do lists (shout out to the married dudes in the house), carting the kids to little league in the mini-van, working out, climbing the social and professional ladder, and lastly, but should be first, maintaining bueno hair!

Good news! Pete & Pedro are going to take one thing off your overflowing plate: reordering hair product when you run out. We don’t want you to be the dude with lame, product-less hair who didn’t time his re-order correctly, and subsequently has to leave the house with hair that sucks.

To become a member of the illustrious Bueno Hair Club, you must follow these complicated steps:


1. Visit our shop page

2. Click on a product you like.

3. Choose how often you'd like it delivered.

4. Add to cart and check-out!