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Shipping Policy

Due to the Coronavirus please note that shipping might be delayed/slow during these trying times. We'll get the order out asap but the shipping might take a few extra days more than normal. Please be patient. 


Pete & Pedro is based in the US and ships all over the world. Here's the shipping scoop:

  • Free shipping on US orders over $60 ($5 otherwise)
  • $6-$10 Worldwide Flat Rate International Shipping + (duties & customs which are not included). Canada is $6. United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Norway are $7. The rest of the world is $10.
  • Ship almost all over the world (see chart below)
  • All orders go out in 1 business day or less
  • REBEL, HERO & FREEZE do not ship internationally (except Canada via ground) due to bottle restrictions. Clean XL & Condition XL only ship in the US. Sorry!

    United States (Over $60) Includes APO/FPO FREE
    United States (Under $60) Includes APO/FPO $5.00
    Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Norway (Tax & Duties Not Included) $6.00 Canada /$7 For UK, GER, AU, NO)
    International/Rest Of World (Tax & Duties Not Included) $10.00
    International Express (1-5 Business Days, Tax & Duties Not Included)  $35 Canada / $45 Rest of the World



    Shipping on international orders does not include applicable fees, tax and duty charges that are based on your own country's policy. There will most likely be a charge by the carrier/country for customs/tax charges (this occurs with any international order).


    Q: Do you offer free shipping?
    A: Yes. All orders over $60 shipped in the US are free. 

    Q: Why can't I get REBEL or FREEZE internationally?
    A: Sorry. Both items due to alcohol/flammable are unable to ship overseas. We do ship to Canada via ground.

    Q: How quickly do you ship orders?
    A: Fast. Orders are shipped within one business day. International orders typically take 3-15 business days depending on location.

    Q: Do you ship to Canada/internationally?
    A: Yes! And, it only costs $6 flat-rate shipping to Canada. XL sizes of Clean & Condition are restricted to the US and a few international locations only. XL sizes of styling aids have no restrictions anywhere.

    Q: Do you deliver on the weekend?
    A: Yes. We deliver on Saturday, but not on Sunday.

    Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO Addresses?
    A: Absolutely. Delivery to some destinations may take up to 21 days, but we'll get your order fulfilled asap.



    North America Europe Europe (cont.) Latin America Latin America (cont.) Middle East/Africa Asia/Oceania
    United States Albania Italy Anguilla Guyana Egypt Australia
    All US Territories Andorra Liechtenstein Antigua & Barbuda Haiti Iran


    Canada Austria Lithuania Argentina Honduras Israel China
    Belarus Luxembourg Aruba Jamaica Kuwait Hong Kong
    Belgium Macedonia Bahamas Martinique Lebanon India
    Bosnia & Herzegovina Monaco Barbados Moldova Morocco Indonesia
    Bulgaria Montenegro Belize Montserrat Oman Japan
    Croatia Netherlands Bermuda Netherlands Antilles


    Czech Republic Norway Bolivia Nicaragua Saudia Arabia Malaysia
    Denmark Poland Brazil Panama South Africa New Zealand
    Estonia Portugal Cayman Islands Paraguay Turkey Philippines
    Faroe Islands Romania Chile Peru United Arab Emirates (UAE) Singapore
    Finland Russia Colombia Saint Kitts & Nevis South Korea
    France San Marino Costa Rica Saint Lucia Taiwan
    Georgia Serbia Dominican Republic St. Vincent Thailand
    Germany Slovakia Ecuador Suriname Vietnam
    Gibraltar Slovenia El Salvador Trinidad & Tobago
    Greece Spain Falkland Islands Turks & Caicos Islands
    Greenland Sweden French Guiana Uruguay
    Hungary Switzerland Grenada Venezuela
    Iceland Turkey Guadeloupe Virgin Islands, British
    Ireland Ukraine Guatemala
    United Kingdom