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About Pete & Pedro

The real Pedro as a baby!

The Legendary Story

The most unlikely pair in the quest for Bueno Hair! is the brainchild of YouTube sensation Aaron Marino, aka Alpha M. After years of building an audience with his down-to-earth, humorous, bold, and authentic videos on a whole slew of men’s topics from grooming to lifestyle to fitness, Aaron’s entrepreneurial eagerness consumed him.

Not happy with the styling aids he was using for his dynamic hair, Aaron researched about starting a hair care line. After almost a year of development, grooming gold was struck and P&P was launched!

Aaron always wanted to build a brand that was quirky and authentic. Be brave. Be different. Might as well start with the brand name and logo. The secret to the brand name is that Pete & Pedro represents Aaron’s love for his parents. Aaron’s dad’s name is Pete. His mom's name, no, is not Pedro.

Growing up Aaron’s mom had a mini donkey farm so he spent a lot of time around the lovable creature. He's always had a soft spot for the uber friendly, highly intelligent (despite the jokes), and hard-working animal. And, his mom's favorite donkey was named Pedro. Needing something to represent his mom that was catchy to match-up with Pete, his pal Pedro instantly popped up in his mind.

Pete meet Pedro. Pedro meet Pete. And just like that Pete & Pedro was born and Bueno Hair! has been happening ever since.

Shark Tank Featured

P&P is a featured Shark Tank brand! Aaron is the rare entrepreneur who has been selected to be featured with the sharks twice. The second go around with Pete & Pedro was fun, but it was also tough. Aaron made a deal with the amazing Barbara, but in the end, decided to pass on the great opportunity in order to stay true to his vision of the brand, and continue providing amazing products and knowledge to millons of gents, like yourself, worldwide. Check out our Shark Tank recap for the complete 411.

About Aaron Marino aka Alpha M

Aaron Marino has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He first opened fitness gyms that were unsuccessful but an amazing learning experience that paved his path today. Next, he started an image consulting business to help men enhance their style, grooming, fashion, and most importantly their confidence. Along the way his wife got him a video camera that he had no idea at the time would change his life forever. Seeing the power of video, Aaron has become after many, many, years of providing content to his fans the top influencer on YouTube & social for men’s lifestyle, fitness, and grooming – a 10 million+ strong community. It was then he decided he had the itch to launch his first lifestyle brand (he’s got a few now) with Pete & Pedro! Aaron has been on Shark Tank twice (once for Pete & Pedro!) and has been featured in countless publications and media from GQ to Inc. If you’d like to do a story on Pete & Pedro or Aaron, please visit our media inquiries page. Till then, Bueno Hair!