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Cream and Clay Hair Products

Bueno Hair!

Get Some.

Your hair has been asking and we have been listening.

Five stars

The Putty has the best hold of any matte product I’ve ever used.
This is just what I was looking for. Thanks man!

- Timothy H.

Five stars

You recommended I use the Paste and so I did! This product is epic! LOVE IT MAN!

- Julian

Five stars

Your advice was excellent about using Clay for thin hair. … And I must say, these are the BEST HAIR PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET! You made a lifetime customer out of me. My brothers are now ordering and I brought the products to my stylist so she’ll start using them.

- Richard

Five stars

Want to say that the P&P Pomade is the best product I have ever used! The hold is amazing and is really easy to style...

- Sam H.