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Men's Grooming Tools

Every gentleman's arsenal needs the best grooming tools. Whether a hair brush or comb, manicure kit/nail clipper set, or our ingenious refill spray and massager brush, stay in tip-top shape head-to-toe with all our amazing tools!

Cologne Refill Spray Travalo
Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer
Clever tool makes it super easy to take your favorite fragrance with you anywhere without bringing and likely breaking the entire, clunky, expensive bottle.  Spayer comes empty.

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Shampoo Brush For Men
Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush
Scalp massager shampoo hair brush feels awesome and has additional benefits to boot like deep cleansing your hair and helping to reduce scalp itch and dandruff. Get one. New!

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Men's Dopp Kit & Toiletry Bag
Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag
Top-shelf travel toiletry bag emblazoned with our logo has all the bells and whistles a gent needs (big, hook, multiple sections, handle) to take his favorite grooming products on the road. 

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PROTECT Heat Protection Shield Spray
PROTECT Heat Protection Shield Spray
Amazing heat protectant spray is loaded with keratin and friends to provide a nearly impenetrable heat shield from hot tools like a hair dryer. 

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Safety Razor + Replacement Double-Edge Blades
Safety Razor + Replacement Double-Edge Blades
 Classic butterfly safety razor has excellent heft perfect for balance and its textured handle makes it easy to hold. Perfect for newbies and pro shavers. Includes free blades.

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Men's Hair Comb
Limited Edition 7" Retro Hair Comb
Retro comb has the cool tortoise shell design and the premium acetate makes it feel great in hand or hair. Emblazoned with P&P logo and name.

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Men’s Hair, Grooming & Shave Tools

We all want to look our best and we’ve got a variety of products to help you get there. But, it’s the secret sauce for any well-groomed man that he needs a whole slew of amazing tools to keep him handsome as ever. Read up on what makes each of our top tools special.

Cologne Refillable Travel Sprayer – this is the coolest grooming tool invention ever. Take your favorite cologne with you anywhere and everywhere now (no more breaking big expensive bottles) by pumping it into this little refiller spray.

Shampoo Massager Hair Brush – A massage in the shower. Hell yeah! This shampoo brush massages the scalp so nicely, exfoliates lightly, and helps get deep down at the roots to make for a top-notch hair-cleansing experience.

Manicure Kit/Nail Clipper Set/Foot File – We don’t need to go too much into this as every well-groomed gentleman knows he needs to take care of his hands and feet. Grab these tools and keep those nails tidy… the spicy senoritas notice!

Dopp Bag – We wanted to create a travel bag that met all the guys needs for a travel toiletry kit. It has a hanger hook, its big, has a handle strap, a couple of compartments, and of course is emblazoned with our logo!

Shaving Supplies – If you want to step up your shaving game, we strongly recommend grabbing our safety razor, badger shave brush, and shave mug. Old school shaving is back in style and will do wonders for your shaves.

Hair Brush & Comb – Bueno hair always starts with a solid hair brush and hair comb. Our hair essential tools are great for hairstyling and keeping that hair looking real good no matter the style.

The Rest – how could we forget to mention our acne remover kit, beard tools kit and loofah. All are fantastic and are solid grooming tools to add to your arsenal.