Body & Grooming Products

We have an amazing selection of men's body grooming products including our natural deodorant, talc-free ball powder, body washes and natural body bar. Not to mention a whole slew of grooming tools for men to keep you in tip-top shape.

A Breakdown of Each Category

FRESH Natural Deodorant - The best, natural, aluminum-free, amazing-smelling, great for sensitive skin deodorant on the planet! The search for a safe and effective natural deodorant that smells awesome too is over. FRESH has you covered!

Body & Balls Powder - Quickly absorbs moisture and sweat and protects the body from chafing and irritation for long-lasting, all-day comfort. Available in Fresh (clean/crisp), Frost (cooling sensation), & Fragrance-Free (unscented).

Body Washes - Gold, Silver, Desperado, & Mint. Gold has a soft, manly leather scent that is bold but subtle, Silver is the cool kid on the block with a refreshing cool water metallic scent, Desperado is the bad boy of the group with notes of rum &  tobacco and  Invigorating Mint is a burst of energizing mint that will wake you up!

Body Bar - The best natural body bar soap that hydrates galore, lightly cleanses and exfoliates, and smells amazing with a fresh eucalyptus mint scent. 

Shaving - Our natural and artisan shave supplies are good, like really, really good. You will be wowed by how your shaves instantly become pain and irritation-free.

Beards - Keeping a well-maintained and stylish beard is hard work and requires top-notch beard products to keep that facial scruff in order. Our beard balms, beard oil, and beard tools should more than do the trick.

Tools - We have a wide variety of amazing grooming and shaving tools that will make a huge difference. All gentlemen need a top-notch manicure kit and nail clipper set to have handy.

Supplements - The easiest and most effective way to help keep your body and hair performing at its max potential. Blended with real, natural ingredients your body can actually absorb!