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How to Get Curly Hair (For Men)

How to Get Curly Hair (For Men)

As the most amazing men’s hair brand, we here at Pete & Pedro take great pride in helping our amazing customers achieve whatever it is that Bueno Hair means to them. For some, that means mastering an existing style. For others, that means seeking out something new. No matter if it’s a temporary switch or a permanent one, opting for curly hair, is a solid choice.

Whether it’s ‘80s Tom Hanks, ‘90s Justin Timberlake or present-day Bradley Cooper who inspires you, we can appreciate guys eager to don a new look. Like almost any change, though, figuring out exactly how to effectively realize it can be daunting. But that’s where we come in. For guys with naturally curly locks and those who pine for curls alike, we break down how to get stellar curly hair in a stylish fashion that’s also healthy for your locks. Best of both worlds.

Regimen Matters

Making any change rather seamless requires a plan. On the curling front, some daily to-do list items you’ll need to keep top-of-mind include applying lots of moisture and hydration, protecting your precious locks from heat, taking a measured, gentle approach to drying and combing and discovering the just-right curl-enhancing products to ace your new look.

Curl-Boosting Products

Wherever your hair falls on the naturally straight to naturally curly spectrum, maintaining a wavy, curly style means you’ll have to consistently use products that promote volume, hold and luster.

Texturize: Sea Salt Spray

  • Texturize: Sea Salt Spray—Curl-seekers, meet Pete & Pedro’s Sea Salt Spray for men. You’ll be amazed how quickly this natural sea salt spray infuses thickness, volume and texture into your hair. The oil-absorbing pre-styler mist teams up with sea salt to give hair a substantial nourishing hydration boost. With the strongest of curling foundations in place, our Sea Salt Spray provides the perfect foundation for combining other products and a hair-care regimen to get those curls flowing.

Shine: Argan Oil

  • Shine: Argan Oil—Don’t forget this pre-styling treatment. Delivering a big dose of supremely hydrating argan oil, this product leaves hair feeling soft, strong and smooth. Argan oil is a natural plant oil that comes from the Morrocan argan tree, known for its super-healing and hydrating benefits. If you have naturally curly hair, this one will help smooth out any kinks or dryness to create amplified curls that are totally frizz-free.
Hold: Styling Gel
  • Hold: Styling Gel—Leave behind the heavy, gunky feel that most generic gels offer and add our super-strong styling gel to your shelf. Pete & Pedro’s GELous Extreme Hold Styling Gel will deliver that slick, wet hair look you’re striving for without the annoying crunchiness or sticky feel. The ultimate test of a go-to hair product may be how it responds to the elements, and rest assured GELous will stand up to the worst humidity and windy conditions. 

Quick Tips and More Ways to Curl

The plan for truly amazing curls is materializing quite well, but don’t overlook some other key hair care tips as you let our products go to work.

  • Steer clear of the blow dryer. We’ve emphasized how important moisture is for getting curls, so blow drying will cut into that significantly and could straighten or frizz the hair shaft. Frizz = no bueno. Leave some time to dry your hair naturally and avoid this pitfall. Just make sure you always use a heat protectant product to keep those locks free of heat damage.
  • Perms are still a thing. Yes, the male perm is a thing and it may even be on its way back in style (especially if you start rocking it). The pro of a perm is that it keeps your hair perfectly curly without the need to style it every day. On the flip side, faux curls take maintenance and they grow out over time.
  • Try curling it. If you just want the occasionally curly locks, who says you can’t raid your girlfriend’s vanity for her curling iron? For a slight wave, we actually recommend using the straightener curling technique (there are tons of videos on YouTube), but you can also use a 1- to 1.5-inch barrel curler.
  • Consider your haircut. Your haircut has more of an impact on curl factor than you might realize. Super-short hair may not be the best choice for guys with naturally loose curls, while hair that’s too long can weigh those curls down and cause them to straighten out. Experiment with lengths and cuts until your curls settle just right.
  • Work with wet hair. Building on the above, using gel when your hair is completely dry can scrunch it in and break the curl cast. We strongly advise adding product when your hair is wet, and then using your fingers to form curls. 
  • Wear it with gentlemanly confidence. You’ve put in the prep work. Now bask in the amazing results! Rock your curls with confidence.

man with curly hair

There you have it, guys… the formula for the perfect curly mop. Let us know if you have any styling tips you swear by to keep your curls curly.


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