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Hair Styling, Shaving & Beard Help/Advice/Tips

An educated man is a handsome man. No matter what type of hair style you'd like to acheive, or if you simply need expert help and tips on shaving or growing a beard, we've got a whole bunch of videos, articles, guides and tools to help and keep you as confident as ever and looking your best.


A Breakdown of Each of Our Men's Grooming Advice Sections

HAIR RECOMMENDATION TOOL - We're all HART baby! That's our Hairstyling Aid Recommendation Styling Tool... yes, we can be a bit corny. But, there's nothing corny about this super helpful tool that will provide the best hair product based on the level of hair style, shine, and hold that you desire. Takes only seconds to fill out and get Bueno Hair for the rest of your life... not too shabby.

STYLING AID CHARTS - We know there's a lot of styling products for men available. It can be super confusing and irritating finding the right hair product. We thought a little visual guide could do wonders to help for the Bueno Hair soul. We've got two graphs/charts to help. The first showcases all our styling aids on a xy scale to show their hold/shine level relative to each other. The other lists them all out based on ranking level for hold and shine in more simpler terms. These two guides should help make selecting your hair product much, much easier. Oh, and don't forget about SALT, always the gamechanger!

COMPETITOR GUIDE MATRIX - We've got guts. We're willing to put up any of our hair styling products against any of our competitors and we're confident you'll choose our hair product. So, our competitor guides help if you are currently using a different brand and are trying to figure out what is the most similar product in the Pete & Pedro lineup.

PRODUCT VIDEOS - Awesome.You bought one of our hair products and then you're wondering how to use it properly? That's where our product videos come in where we help explain why and how to use each of our hair and other grooming products properly. Be sure to watch these videos as these tips can be invaluable. For example, the Putty, our best-selling hair product, if you don't emulsify it prior to applying (which many men don't do till they watch the video), it can't work it's magic, and that means no Bueno Hair! Not good.

HAIR CARE VIDEOS - There's a good chance you learned about the best grooming brand on the planet (we're humble) from Alpha M. He's the fearless founder and face of the company, after good ole Pedro of course. Alpha's done hundreds of videos providing hair help and grooming advice for men, and we've picked the best of the bunch to showcase on our site. So, if you've got a few minutes and want some extra hair tips, watch these Alpha hair classics now.

PEDRO'S POINTERS - If you haven't noticed yet, we're here to help provide you with all the tips and advice you need to look your grooming best. But, we know your time is valuable and no one wants to watch a long boring video, hence we created Pedro's Pointers which are super-quick, educational, and fun grooming videos answering your most pressing hair/shave/beard/grooming questions. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy these great tips for Bueno Hair and more.

ADVICE ARTICLES - The pen is stronger than the... video! The classic form of education never gets old, gentlemen, and we've got a small, but growing fast database of men's hairstyling, beard, and shaving advice articles that will help you enormously. If you want all the shaving and men's hair tips possible, look no further.