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The 15 Best Haircuts For Men

The 15 Best Haircuts For Men

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ll show you the best haircuts and hairstyles for men to get right now. While some trends come and go, these stylish men’s haircuts are popular, masculine and versatile options that will look great and keep you feeling fresh. Whether you’re a business professional or a young guy looking for a cool look, the right style can make a significant difference. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular haircuts for men that will help you create a stylish cut.


quiff hairstyle

The quiff is a popular cut that’s defined by a section of hair at the front of the head brushed upward and away from the forehead. There are numerous styles, including the side part, the hard part, and even the floppy quiff. No matter which of these you choose, the cut itself is clean, professional, and polished. It starts with a classic short cut around the ears and in the back of the head, but it’s the longer hair on top that is brushed upward for volume and backward that gives it its personality.
What You'll Need: SaltPuttyProtectFreeze 
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of Salt to damp hair, then apply a light coat of Protect. Emulsify a dime size amount of Putty and run your hands through your hair working from front to back. A quick blow dry will add volume and help achieve your hair is moving in the proper direction. Finish with a few sprays of Freeze to ensure it holds all day.


French crop hairstyle

The French crop is a simple men’s haircut with a short fringe that can be messy and pulled forward over the forehead. While the sides and back are often faded, the hair on top is cut to one length and the fringe is left just slightly longer. Depending on how your stylist cuts the fringe (and how you choose to style it at home), you can create several looks for work and play with this one simple trim.
If you want a trending haircut, the French crop can be a low-maintenance style that works as a game-changer for some guys.
What You'll Need: Texture Powder
How To Style: After towel drying your hair, apply some Texture Powder to the roots of your hair and “swoop” your hair forward to lay.


slick back hairstyle

The slick back is a style that is viewed as powerful and masculine, and it can be paired with any number of other styles to create a unique and personalized look. While defined by longer hair brushed backward away from the forehead and secured with high-hold gel or mousse, it can be paired with various other styles – like a skin fade or a taper fade – to create a look that is as unique as you are. If you have long hair, you can even slick it back on top to add some masculine sex appeal and a fresh-from-the-shower look.
What You'll Need: SaltPower PomadeComb
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt spray to damp hair and comb hair front to back. Apply Power Pomade and comb hair a second time to finish.

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messy hairstyle
The messy hair trend continues to grow in popularity with men all over the world. The style ranges from relatively subtle – think beachy, textured waves – to over-the-top bold with hair that sticks up at every angle. Messy styles work with short hair, with long hair, and with everything in between, but they work best with thicker hair; there are fewer messy hair options for men who have thinner, finer hair. To create fullness and volume, you may consider using a sea salt spray designed to texturize and thicken your hair.
What You'll Need: SaltPaste 
How to Style: Apply Salt to damp hair. Allow hair to air dry, but not completely. Apply Paste, amount will vary based on length, and style with hands. Keep it messy, but make it look planned as well.


comb over hairstyle
The iconic comb over is perfect for just about everyone and is one of the most versatile hairstyles of them all. As its name suggests, the look involves combing all the hair from one side of the head to the other, which gives the hair a full and thick appearance – even if it is thinning on top. Whether your hair is stick-straight, wavy, or even curly, an experienced stylist can help you create the perfect comb over to suit your needs.
What You'll Need: ProtectSaltClayComb
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt spray to damp hair and style with comb. Apply Protect and blow dry to increase volume. Once dry, emulsify a dime size amount of clay and apply evenly. Comb again working from the part out on both sides. Ensure all hairs stay on their respective side of the part.


crew cut hairstyle
Men who don’t want to spend a ton of time on their hair to look their best can opt for the classic crew cut. It requires virtually no styling to keep it looking fresh and clean, and it’s versatile enough to be worn at work during an important client meeting or at the club on a night out with the guys. If you want to add some variation, you might try adding a slight side part or a taper fade starting at the top of the forehead. The traditional crew cut is a quarter inch in length at the top, but you can experiment with different lengths to find your own unique style.
What You'll Need: SaltPuttyProtect
How To Style: Gently towel dry hair. Apply a few sprays of sea salt and run through your hair with your hands. Emulsify Putty and work evenly through hair. Hand style preferred, but comb to style if needed. Apply light coat of Protect and blow dry to finish.

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A faux hawk is the perfect alternative to a classic over-the-top mohawk. It’s just slightly rebellious, but it’s easy to tone it down for a day in the office, a wedding, or a meeting with an important client. Whereas a mohawk is quite long and often paired with a shaved head, the faux hawk is comparatively short and typically paired with tapered sides. It has that bad boy edge without being too loud, which makes it a phenomenal transition cut for men who want to look professional without giving up the puck rock vibe.
What You'll Need: SaltPutty, Freeze
How To Style: Apply salt to damp hair and let air dry. Apply emulsified Putty to top hair only working from the root up. Apply a few sprays of Freeze to lock in place if needed.



buzz cut hairstyle
The buzz cut is the ideal hairstyle for a man who likes to keep things short, sweet, and to the point. It’s one of the most masculine styles of them all, and with the right tools, the simplest version of this cut can be achieved and maintained at home. For a more put-together look, though, you might opt for a line-up or a tapered fade to bald along the sides and back.
What You'll Need: Military Brush
How To Style: This is an easy one, wake up and you're ready to go! We do recommend a Military Brush though when the hair starts to get slightly longer to add shape. 
military brush


high and tight hairstyle
Much like the crew cut, the high and tight is a military-inspired style that looks rugged, masculine, and powerful. It’s longer on the top but shorter on the sides, and the look itself is very put-together and clean. It’s perfect for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who is leading a meeting, but it is also just right for some late-night drinks with friends. To make it your own, you can determine the right length and fade for your own needs, and you can use a variety of different styling products to create personalized looks at home.
What You'll Need: SaltPutty
How To Style: Apply salt to damp hair and let air dry. Apply emulsified Putty to top hair only working from the root up, and shape into place.


Get Natural-Looking Hair Volume Fast!

Guys are making the switch from rock hard crusty hair, to something softer and touchable, but without sacrificing volume and texture. If you're jumping on board with the natural look (which we highly recommend), then there's two styling aids you need to have at your disposal. One is our Natural Sea Salt Spray and the other is our Volumizing Texture Powder. Both are going to give you unparalleled volume and texture, while maintaining a natural look and feel that makes it look as if you've used no product at all!


curtain cut hairstyle
The curtains hairstyle is flattering and youthful at its heart, but with a bit of creativity and some styling, it’s possible to transform it into something masculine and rugged. Center- or side-parted long fringe gives this cut its personality. It can be tousled into a messy and playful style, or you grab your gel, slick it back, and enjoy that rough-and-tumble look. For the most part, if you’re into the sexy bedhead look, curtains require very little styling to look their best.
What You'll Need: Salt
How To Style: Starting with clean, towel dried hair, spray some Salt and work through your hair to add some nice volume and a little shine to that hair. Then create a part in the middle of your hair and let those locks hang down!


side part hairstyle
The side part isn’t a hairstyle of its own, so to speak; rather, it’s an addition to any of the other hairstyles you prefer. Parting your hair on the side can make a style more boyish, more business professional, and in some cases, cleaner. You can side part a crew cut for definition, or you can even part your long hair on the side for a flirty look. Depending on the style you choose and the placement of the part, it’s a great way to draw attention to your best facial features.
What You'll Need: ProtectSaltPuttyComb
How To Style: Apply a few sprays of Protect to wet hair and blow dry. Once dry add Sea Salt Spray to dampen and add volume . Emulsify the putty and work evenly throughout hair with your hands. Comb to finish for a nice, clean look.


The bro flow is an excellent hairstyle option for men who want hair that is as carefree and relaxed as their personalities. It might look slightly difficult to style in photos, but it isn’t. All it takes is a knowledgeable stylist to cut face-framing layers and minimal styling products at home. Simply let your hair grow to a few inches in length, then brush it straight back and allow it to fall where it may. If you like the beachy hair look, try a sea salt spray that adds texture to your hair. For extra volume and length, make sure to invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner to enhance moisturize while minimizing frizz.
What You'll Need: SaltCreamComb 
How To Style: Apply Sea Salt Spray to damp hair and comb through for even distribution and volume. Allow to air dry slightly and apply Cream to damp hair. Hand style and allow to air dry for natural curl and wave.

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No matter which hairstyle you're rocking, there's no way you can maximize your Bueno Hair potential if your hair isn't healthy, hydrated, and most importantly, clean! But one thing is for certain, regardless of your hair type, style, texture, or issues, we've got the perfect shampoo and conditioner set for you. And yes, you NEED to use a conditioner!


textured fringe hairstyle
Adding some textured fringe to your ‘do is an excellent way to breathe some new life and youthfulness into your style. It all starts with your favorite cut, and it involves growing your fringe – or the front section of your hair just behind and along your forehead – to an inch and a half to three inches long. Then, just add some texturizing spray to your fringe, tousle it with your fingers, and you’re set! If you want to add even more contrast to your look, consider pairing your textured fringe with a tapered fade that is super clean along the edges.
What You'll Need: Texture Powder
How To Style: After towel drying your hair, apply some Texture Powder to the roots of your hair and “swoop” whichever direction you would like your hair to lay.


textured mohawk hairstyle
The classic mohawk is the perfect solution for men who just want to be their bold, loud, and adventurous selves in a world filled with crew cuts and quiffs. There are numerous ways to wear a mohawk, so it’s even possible to choose rock-n-roll spikes one day with a more toned-down, slicked-back look the next. From short to long, the mohawk can be achieved with many different styles. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this style, so feel free to make it your own.
What You'll Need: Gelous, Freeze
How To Style: After washing your hair, apply a small amount of Gelous to your mohawk. Use the hairdryer to add volume. Once dry, apply another amount of Gelous for extra hold and finish with Freeze to lock into place!

gelous freeze


spiky hairstyle
Spiky hair doesn’t always have to be as daring as your favorite 90s punk rock band. It can be quite subtle and even professional when paired with the perfect crew or traditional cut. The most popular variant of the spiky style involves leaving the hair on top about an inch and a half long and spiking it up with a maximum-hold mousse or gel. The hair along the sides and back can all be one shorter length, or for some added interest, you might also choose a tapered fade.
What You'll Need: Texture Powder
How To Style: We prefer the natural, yet extremely voluminous version of Spiky hair. Applying too much product can also weigh the 'spikes' down, leaving your hair looking flat a few hours after you left the house. Instead, opt for Texture Powder. Apply a few sprinkes to the roots of dry hair and spike you hair up.

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