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How to Use Sea Salt Spray for Men

How to Use Sea Salt Spray for Men

Strolling through the hair care aisle, amongst the rows and rows of miracle-working men’s hair products (or even women), you may have seen a few concoctions containing sea salt. Sea salt? Hair?! If you’re like most dudes, this makes no sense. Sea salt is for the ocean and for cooking. Right? Well, yeah, but it’s also a pretty crucial ingredient for achieving amazing Bueno Hair, too, especially if you struggle with a thin, lifeless mane.

Sea Salt Spray

Today, we’re going over the basics of sea salt spray so you can add this little miracle worker to your hairstyling  arsenal for always-on-point hair. While it might make you feel a little bit like Salt Bae, remember—it’s more about the spritz than the sprinkle when it comes to hair. Your hair is not a tomahawk steak.

What Is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is a hair styling aid -usually a pre-styler - that contains paraben-free sea salt and sea kelp to infuse the hair with volume, texture and thickness. Sea salt, of course, is a natural oil-absorber, which means it helps suck out all the oil, sweat and dirt that weighs down your hair and deflates its volume and life. At the same time, salt spray provides a light hold to help lock in your style all day. 

Worried about your hair breaking or drying out from too much salty stuff? As  detailed by Barber Chris at Men's Hairstyles Now, what makes our men’s sea salt spray so unique isn’t the sea salt itself, but what we mix in. Ours contains vitamin- and mineral-rich sea kelp, which serves as a natural moisturizer and thickener, to keep your locks in tip-top shape, even if you spritz on the daily. Together, these ingredients hydrate, thicken and hold your style in place while adding a low shine for a little razzle-dazzle. If you’re not using a conditioner (which you need to be regardless of hair type), that should more than help balance out the Salt Spray if your hair does get a bit dry.

Who Can Use Sea Salt Spray?

You might be surprised to learn of the multipurpose appeal of sea salt spray for men. This stuff is quite versatile, offering a texturized boost for guys (and women) with all kinds of hair types, even dyed hair. It’s great for:

  • Guys with thin hair. This spray was MADE for dudes with thinning hair. The salty concoction helps add thickness and volume where you need it the most, especially when tousling or styling your hair into a fauxhawk or quiff. 
  • Guys who want a light hold. If you need to freeze your style in place but don’t want that stiff, crunchy feel that comes with hairspray and other products, you need some sea salt spray. It offers a light hold so you still get some natural movement. For even better results, we recommend using it as a pre-styler with hair putty or hair paste. This will set the stage for style-ready locks that stay all day.
  • Guys with curly hair. Sea salt spray is an amazing way to enhance the natural kinks, curls and waves of your hair. Plus, it’s pretty great at helping to combat frizz and define curls so they’re perfectly coily, too.
  • Guys with medium to long hair. Long hair is heavier than short hair, which means it can easily turn dull, flat and lifeless when not styled properly. Use sea salt spray to bring the strands to life so they don’t look like limp noodles all day. 

How to Use Sea Salt Spray

Got yourself a bottle of this all-around problem-solver? Good. Now here’s how to use it whether as a pre-styler or simply looking for some extra hold/texture.

  1. Wash and dry your hair like normal, using your favorite texturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Towel dry your hair and then apply three to five spritzes of SALT Sea Spray to your hair.
  3. Use your hands to work in the product and style your hair with a styling aid like Putty or Paste. Pete & Pedro SALT & Putty no doubt is the best combo of hair products for men in this universe, and we’re being humble! 
  4. Use a hair dryer if so desired of course too to add additional volume to those luscious locks.

A Men’s Hair Must-Have Hairstyling Product

So, there you have it, guys. The 411 on sea salt spray. There’s no magic to perfect hair, but there is a secret weapon, and it just might be a little sea salt. The next time you feel your hair needs a little flavor, bust out the sea salt spray and call it a perfect bueno hair day.

If Sea Salt Spray isn't for you, check out Texture Powder as another alternative. It can be used as a fantastic pre styler, or simply used as a stand alone product to add effortless, weightless volume to your hair.

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