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What Does An EDP Mean For A Men's Fragrance?

What Does An EDP Mean For A Men's Fragrance?


Eau De What? We've been there too...

In this Pedro's Pointer video/article, we discuss the different fragrance concentration levels for scents. Here’s the deal gents, all colognes are not the same power. In fact, your cologne probably isn’t even a cologne technically. To the fragrance gurus they would call it a fragrance or scent. Cologne is essentially just a certain power level of fragrance.

Every fragrance has a different scent power that makes it last shorter/longer depending on the type. This has all to do with the concentration of oils to alcohol ratio in your scent. REBEL is an Eau De Perfum (EDP) and most higher end fragrances are usually an EDP. The EDP level doesn’t mean it simply smells amazing (that has to do with the notes). The EDP will tell you likely how long the cologne should linger on you for.

For example, an EDP will typically last around 4-6 hours and has a 15% concentration. An EDT– Eau De Toilette with last around 3-4 hours and typically has around 10%. A woman’s perfume could be 20%+. Your scented aftershave splash has just a few percent typically.

Take a peek at the chart below which breaks down each of the fragrance types, the percentage, and how long it will typically last for before a respray is needed. If you love a scent but it doesn’t last long, you can always grab a Refillable Travel Sprayer and keep it in your car/office to have handy.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a fragrance we recommend at the bare minimum it should be an EDT but really you should go with an EDP unless you just love the scent – and that’s totally cool too.


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