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Why Every Man Should Use A Shave Brush!

Why Every Man Should Use A Shave Brush!

In this article, we breakdown why men should use a shave brush when shaving. The reasons are pretty clear to us: you want that handsome face and skin of yours to look great and stay young, and using a shaving brush is one of the best ways to make that happen!

Let's go over the key points:

1. Fonzie Cool - Okay, it looks cool, there we said it. A spicy senorita sees a shaving brush on your bathroom counter and you will get already a serious thumbs up as she knows you care about taking care of yourself. That’s important to girls, guys!

2. Exfoliate - As for shaving, it’s great for light exfoliation so that dead skin when shaving doesn’t just end up in your pores – that’s a big no-no as that will lead to annoying, ugly ingrowns and bumps.

3. Stand Up - Big thing here, unlike your hand that pushes your beard hair down, the brush will soften and keep your hair standing upright, that way when you use the razor it can get under the hair completely so that you’re not left with an ingrown. 

4. Creates Lather - It creates an amazing lather so that the shaving cream can properly protect your skin. Shaving cream needs to be “activated” too, so working that brush in there and working it into the skin is the best way to protect that beard from getting all jacked up.

shave cream

5. Bonus Shave Brush Tips – don’t just apply shave cream and quickly shave. Give it a minute or two to sink in. Also, start with the easier/less irritating spots first so that the tougher spots like the neck region have more time to enjoy the shave goodies. Oh, and use a badger shave brush like ours as the bristles are nice and soft!

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