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How To Fix & Get Rid Of A Cowlick In Your Hair!

How To Fix & Get Rid Of A Cowlick In Your Hair!

In this Pedro’s Pointer video/article, we break down the dreaded cowlick hair and how to hopefully fix and get rid of a cowlick in your hair. And, if you can’t get rid of it, we provide tips then on at least how to manage it!

What is a Cowlick you ask?

It’s that one or few little hair strands who are totally stubborn and keeping you from having Bueno Hair! Cowlick hairs are those hairs who have a mind of their own sticking out and just don’t want to listen to your styling aid or desired hair style...While there might not be a perfect answer to solve this problem, here’s our hopefully helpful advice tips on how to get rid of cowlick:

1. Try a different hair style. No, you don't have to go crazy to something wildly different, but maybe a slightly different hair look/direction will tame that bad boy down.

2. Grow your hair out is one of the best ways to make a cowlick go bye-bye. This act will help weigh down the cowlick a bit and make it blend in too so it’s not as noticeable.

3. Try a strong high hold pomade like Pete & Pedro Power Pomade and flood the area with the pomade to hold it down. That normally does the trick. A cowlick’s got nothing on a strong pomade!


4. Master the hair dryer. Hair dryers can do magical things for disappearing cowlicks by blowing your hair in the same or opposite direction depending on what you want. Just don’t get the hair dryer to close to your head as that can destroy your fragile hair.

At the end of the day, embrace your cowlick hair style (at least you’re not bald right?!) and cowlick and work with it, don't fight it. And, let's be honest, spicy senoritas can think they are a bit cute too!

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