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The 20 Best Men’s Hair & Grooming Tools That Guys Need

The 20 Best Men’s Hair & Grooming Tools That Guys Need

Men’s grooming has come a long way over the past millennia. In prehistoric times, man didn’t have loofahs, double-edge safety razors or any of that jazz. Instead, he would use primitive tools to get the job done—often, with disastrous results.

Fortunately, you’re a modern man living in modern times. So why not take advantage of modern grooming technology? By stocking up on a few essential men's grooming tools, you can zip through your daily routine and come out feeling clean, smelling fresh and looking good.

If you don’t know where to start, we have you covered. Here are the best men’s hair and grooming tools that every guy needs to have in his toolbox.

1. Hair Clippers

Perhaps you’re strapped for cash. Maybe you can’t leave the house. No matter your reason for not being able to see a barber, a decent set of hair clippers will be useful to you at this moment. Giving yourself a low-maintenance buzz cut is ridiculously easy to do and will save you tons of time and money. At the very least, hair clippers are nice to have when you need to trim all that peach fuzz at the nape of your neck. Other essentials you’ll need to trim your own hair: a handheld mirror and a steady hand.

2. Hair Dryer

Guys, listen up. Hair dryers are your secret weapon to achieving Bueno hair. A good hair dryer can lock your carefully-sculpted hairstyle into place and keep it looking freshly-styled all day long. It can also help you pump up the volume on your hair. Simply blow dry your hair in the opposite direction and let gravity do its thing. One more tip: use a cool setting for smooth hair and great shine.

3. Heat Protection Spray

Although it’s not technically a tool, a quality heat protection spray is a must in every dude’s hair care arsenal. A heat protection spray is like a force field for your hair (sounds cool, doesn’t it?). It works by providing a protective coating to your hair, reducing potential heat damage caused by your hair dryer or other heat styling tools. For a healthy and luscious mane, keep your hair dryer on a medium heat setting and hold your hair dryer at least six inches away from your head.

4. Scalp Massager

If you’re not using a scalp massager in the shower, then you’re missing out on some AMAZING hair benefits. Our Pete & Pedro scalp massager has super-soft, silicone bristles that gently massage the scalp to increase scalp circulation, soothe scalp itch and reduce dandruff. Did we mention that it feels incredible? Use it with your favorite shampoo or conditioner and prepare to turn your shower time into pure bliss.

5. Hairbrush

The humble hairbrush is a men’s grooming tool that you’re almost certainly underutilizing. A solid hairbrush can help you tame your unruly locks, distribute the natural oils in your hair and sculpt your strands into popular men's hairstyles such as the Quiff or the Pompadour. For the best results, be sure to choose a hairbrush designed for your hair type.

6. Hair Comb

Frankly, your hair deserves better than a cheap hair comb you bought at a drugstore. If you’re serious about achieving the slicked back hairstyle that every stylish dude is rocking these days, get yourself a decent comb made from high-quality acetate. With this bad boy, you’ll have better control, better styling and better hair.

7. Safety Razor

If you’re tired of red bumps after shaving, get yourself a safety razor and don’t ever look back. Safety razors have made a huge comeback in recent years, and for good reason. This old school grooming tool can deliver the smoothest shave possible while reducing razor bumps and shave irritation. Safety razors are more affordable than plastic cartridge razors and better for the environment to boot. Just pop a blade on, use both sides of the blade, recycle and repeat.

8. Shaving Brush + Shave Mug

Guys, here’s the deal: you have a lot of shaves in your future. Perhaps tens of thousands of them. You might as well invest in a premium shaving brush and a cool shave mug to ensure that your shaves are nothing short of amazing each and every time.

Sure, it may take a few extra minutes to whip up your shave cream and use this badger-haired beauty, but just think of the payoff. A shave brush can soften your facial hairs, gently exfoliate the skin and create a thicker lather. The result is a superior shave in every way.

9. Beard Trimmers

To answer your unspoken question: no, you can’t use your hair clippers on your beard. Well, technically you could, but they would be more difficult to wield and wouldn’t give you nearly as good of a trim. If you’re serious about growing and maintaining a beard, you need to invest in the right tools to care for it. Get yourself a decent set of beard trimmers and give your beard the precision trim it deserves. If you are trimming your beard though, don't forget to clean up the mess! Leaving stubble in the sink is a recipe for arguments with the spicy senorita. Grab a Stubble Buddy to easily clean up the mess each time you trim that beard.

10. Grooming Scissors

A sharp pair of grooming scissors is a must-have in every bearded dude’s grooming arsenal. Although trimmers are faster and easier to use, grooming scissors offer more precision and control. They’re particularly useful for shaping your beard and snipping away those pesky split ends. And if you’re a mustache man, grooming scissors are all but essential to maintaining that glorious face furniture of yours.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for with grooming scissors. To achieve the best facial hair of your life, be sure to pick up a quality pair in stainless steel.

11. Beard Comb

If your grooming scissors were a superhero, your beard comb would be their ever-loyal side-kick. A quality beard comb makes it easier to trim your beard hair and helps you sculpt your unruly scruff into a work of bearded art.

Word to the wise: don’t bother with a cheap, drug store comb. You’ll only give yourself more split ends. Instead, pick up a beard care kit that includes both a quality beard comb and a pair of stainless-steel grooming scissors. Your facial hair thanks you in advance.

12. Boar Bristle Brush

We know what you’re thinking: do I really need a boar bristle brush for my facial hair when I already have a beard comb? The answer is—maybe. Although a boar bristle brush isn’t strictly mandatory for a budding beards man, it can help you grow a healthier beard.

Brushing your scruff with a boar bristle brush can increase blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting healthier facial hair growth. It can also help distribute your facial hair’s natural oils and get rid of debris that gets trapped in your beard. Just make sure you get a boar bristle brush that is made from 100% boars’ hair, and never use it while your beard hair is wet! Brushing wet beard hair can result in breakage and split ends.

13. Blackhead Remover

Acne is caused by any number of things: stress, food, a new skin care product—the list is endless. While an acne treatment system is arguably the best way to tackle stubborn breakouts, a blackhead removal tool set can make getting rid of blemishes fast, simple and oh-so-satisfying. If you’re one of the 50 million Americans that struggle with acne, this DIY home facial tool will definitely be useful to you.

14. Loofah

Stepping into the shower and simply letting water run down your body is not a sufficient way to clean yourself, fellas. With this method, you are not properly cleaning your armpits, groin and buttocks (aka, the dirtiest and/or smelliest parts of you).

Luckily, that’s what a loofah is for. When paired with your favorite body wash, a loofah can create a rich lather to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. However, loofahs can become fairly grimy after a while, so be sure to replace yours regularly. We recommend switching it out every month or so.


15. Facial Massager

Hold the scoffing for just one second and hear us out: facial massagers (aka, face rollers) are awesome. Who cares if they’re not the miracle product that beauty experts say they are? Rolling a cool stone on your face after a stressful day feels downright blissful.

If you’re tired of stealing your girl’s facial roller from her drawer, do yourself a favor and go get your own. Nobody has to know about it except you. Bonus tip: leave it in the freezer overnight—it will feel doubly amazing on your skin.

16. Tweezers

Never underestimate the power of great eyebrows. A well-groomed pair of brows can make you look more refreshed, handsome and younger. Skip the wax (that’s a painful disaster waiting to happen) and invest in a nice pair of stainless steal tweezers. Get a slanted pair so you can go after the stray hairs that are ruining your brow shape.

Nervous about over-tweezing your brows? Have a professional tweeze them in the beginning. Then, you can simply perform routine maintenance yourself by plucking the hairs as they grow back.

17. Nose Hair Trimmer

Before you even consider tweezing your nose hairs, let us stop you right there. Only masochists pluck their nose hairs one-by-one. Not only is tweezing your nose hairs super painful, it’s also a recipe for infection that could be lethal.

Since we’d rather you not die by way of nose hair plucking, we recommend using a nose hair trimmer instead. Trimmers are designed to trim your nose hair while preserving their basic function, which is to keep dirt, dust and bacteria out of your schnoz. Use it once a week to keep your nostril follicles from getting out of control.

18. Nail Clippers

We know you have a pair of nail clippers you bought in-line at the grocery store. You know, the ones that break within a year and always seem to give you awful hangnails? You can do better, guys. Get yourself an ergonomic clipper that offers superior control and cutting power. The best ones are typically made from stainless steel or durable carbon. Once you upgrade your nail clippers, we promise you won’t ever look back.

19. Callus Remover

Most dudes don’t really pay much attention to their feet. Huge mistake! The spicy senoritas definitely notice your dry, cracked feet and thick calluses. It’s not a pretty sight to see, guys.

If you don’t want to catch your girl staring horrified at your feet, you need to take a foot file to your feet regularly. A foot file essentially shaves off the dead skin, revealing baby-smooth feet underneath. For the best results, use a foot cream after you file your feet. With proper foot care, you can finally kiss painful cracking and calluses goodbye.

20. Back Shaver

Unlike chest hair, which has some nuance in terms of attractiveness, back hair is never sexy. If you’re single and don’t have anyone to shave your backside for you, get a back shaver and do it yourself.

Likewise, if you’re married or have a long-time girlfriend, get a back shaver and stop destroying your relationship by making your girl shave your hairy backside. You got to work to keep the romance alive, gentlemen.

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