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Shaving Tips To Prevent & Eliminate Razor Burn

Shaving Tips To Prevent & Eliminate Razor Burn

Article Outline

1. What is razor burn?

2. Common shaving mistakes.

3. Tips to soothe razor burn.

4. How to prevent razor burn.

Razor burn sucks. The great news though is there are many shaving tips and tricks that will not only reduce but eliminate razor burn easily. Here’s everything you need to know to cool and prevent the burn once and for all!

What is Razor Burn?

  • Razor burn is a skin condition that causes red, irritated skin after shaving.
  • Razor burn can also cause tenderness, a burning or hot sensation, itchiness, and small red bumps.
  • Razor Bumps/Ingrown Hairs often appear two to three days after shaving. Ingrown hairs caused by shaving occur when the hair breaks off unevenly and curls back into the skin, resulting in a painful, acne-like bump.
  • Lastly (and most importantly), you can speed up the healing time of the razor burn; and if you’re careful, can eliminate it all together.

Why Do You Get Razor Burn?

If you consistently suffer from razor burn, you are most likely making a few mistakes with your blade. Check the list and see if you’ve added one of these bad shaving habits to your grooming routine.

Shaving Without a Pre-Shave Oil: A great pre-shave oil is an essential lubricant that lets the cutting parts of your razor glide across your skin like butter. With decreased resistance in the blade, this not only leads to a much closer shave, but far less irritation.

Shaving Against the Grain: Shaving against the grain pulls the hair follicles up and away from the skin. This not only increases the painfulness of your shave, but also greatly increases your chances of getting razor burn.

Using An Old, Dirty Blade: You should never use the same razor blade for more than 5-7 shaves. An old or dirty razor can increase the risk of infection to your skin because there is more bacteria on the blade. It can also lead to more microscopic cuts in your skin, which will increase irritation.

Too Many Strokes: Continuously passing the blade across your skin is a no Bueno move. This causes unnecessary irritation of the skin and makes you more prone to nicks and cuts. A great safety razor will get the job done in one or two passes most. If you find yourself making multiple passes and still missing spots, it may be time for a razor upgrade.

How To Help Soothe That Razor Burn

If you’ve reached the point of no return, and you’re starting to feel the burn, don’t stress! Thankfully there are a few ways to soothe your skin and cool that burn. Here’s what to do:

Stop Shaving Immediately: If you feel a sharp pain or discomfort, stop right where you are. You don’t want to further irritate your skin!

Cool The Burn and Reduce Irritation: A great aftershave balm, aloe vera, avocado oil or even a cool washcloth applied to the skin is a great way to get some instant relief. As the name implies, it is indeed a burn, so treat it as such. You want to cool it down as soon as possible, and then take extra steps to keep it hydrated and healthy while healing.

Home Remedies: Some easy at home remedies can help with inflammation. Apple cider vinegar, equal parts tea tree oil and water, witch hazel extract, or an oatmeal bath are all acceptable substitutes to a balm or aftershave if you’re in a pinch. If the home remedies don’t seem to be working, you can also use topical creams containing hydrocortisone.

Have a Regular Skin Care Routine: Having a regular skin care routine will help keep your skin clean and healthy; and as such, much better prepared to handle the damage that can come along with shaving.

How to Prevent Razor Burn

The best way to handle razor burn, is to never get it in the first place!  Follow these simple shaving tips to make sure you never feel the burn again.

Shave In the Right Direction: As mentioned earlier, shaving with the grain will avoid pulling the hair up and away from the skin, reducing the risk of burn, irritation, bleeding from a shaving cut, and in-grown hairs.

Shave With Short Strokes: This will protect the skin better and avoid the razor pulling on your skin. It will also prevent your razor from clogging or becoming blunt.

Rinse Your Blade Frequently: Clogging your blade will make the shaving process much more difficult and your strokes will be inefficient. A good rule of thumb is if you can no longer see the blade, it’s time to rinse.

Use Shaving Cream: This may seem obvious, but skip the dry shaves. Shaving cream serves as a protective and moisturizing layer between the razor and skin. It will soften and lubricate the hair and skin to make the entire process much easier. Again, a great pre-shave oil will be a game changer when added to your shave routine.

Rinse With Cold Water:  Rinsing with cold water after your shave immediately closes your pores to reduce the risk of infection and irritation. It may not feel as pleasant as rinsing with warm water, but we assure you, your face will thank you later.

Replace Your Razor Blade Frequently: Like we said before, don’t over use your blade. After 5 or so shaves, it’s time to replace it. Not only can it harbor bacteria, but the blades become dull with use, making your shave a much more painful experience than it needs to be. Also, make sure your blade is completely dry after shaving. Water and metal don’t mix! Making sure you’re blade is clean and dry is an easy way to extend the life of the blade to make sure you get 5 solid shaves out each one.

Our Super Quick & Easy Shaving Recap

  • Step #1: Take a Warm Shower To Open Pores & Soften Skin
  • Step #2: Wash and Exfoliate Your Skin
  • Step #3: Massage Pre-Shave Oil Into Your Skin
  • Step: #4 Use Shaving Cream, Shave Brush, & A Safety Razor
  • Step #5 Follow Up With Cold Water & Aftershave

That is it gents! Our simple tips and tricks to eliminate, and more importantly, prevent razor burn. Master these tips, and be shaving like a pro in no time!


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