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How To Eliminate Excessive Sweat, Dampness, And Body Odor

How To Eliminate Excessive Sweat, Dampness, And Body Odor

Article Outline

1. How to eliminate sweaty armpits.

2. Tips to help with sweaty a groin & balls.

3. How to eliminate sweaty hair and beard.

4. Advice on how to keep feet sweat free.

Sweat is the body’s way of keeping us cool. When we're hot, we sweat and the evaporated moisture keeps our bodies temperature regulated and healthy. Now even though sweating is completely natural, the pungent body odor and discomfort that comes along with it probably isn’t doing you any favors. Here’s our super simple tips to keep the sweat stains and odor at bay.

Sweaty Armpits

Visible sweat stains are definitely no Bueno! While deodorant is a must for those of us who don’t suffer from excessive sweating, it is absolutely essential for those of us that do. However, in certain situations, it may not be enough. So, what should you do? We’ve got you covered.

Shave Your Pits: Now we don’t mean get in there with a straight razor. Even just using an electric razor with a clipper guard to take the pit hair down a notch is going to tremendously help with your sweating issues. The main job of hair is to provide warmth, too much warmth leads to sweat. This one is a no brainer. Eliminate some of the hair and get ready to stay cool.

Clinical Strength Deodorant: If your current deodorant isn’t making the cut, it may be time to step it up a level, and grab something with a little extra strength. Clinical strength deodorant is designed to handle excessive sweat and odor by jam packing its formula with odor-eating capsules that absorb sweat and odor, and emit a light fragrance when needed. If your sweat glands are working overtime, you may need a deodorant that’s going to go the distance.

Wear Breathable Clothing: Let that beautiful skin breathe! Wearing light fabrics or fabrics designed with aeration is a super easy way to eliminate sweat. When your body feels a cool breeze, it instantly shuts your sweat glands down. Pro tip: wearing darker clothing (blacks, blues, etc.) helps to hide your sweat stains much better, but they will make you hotter/sweat more since they don't block the sun as well. Now that is a trade-off!

Use A Fragrance: Using a great fragrance is by far the easiest way to make sure you stay smelling amazing all day. Now we still recommend pairing it with a deodorant, clinical strength if needed. But using an amazing fragrance will help to mask body odors that may build up throughout the day.

Sweaty Groin & Balls

Let’s face it gents. Your below the belt region is already a meaty, musky mess. Add a little extra perspiration to that, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Not to mention, rocking a swampy undercarriage is just plain uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to do to keep your boys and butt all day fresh and clean.

Manscape: We’ve said it before, eliminate the hair, eliminate the sweat. Now we have a detailed guide on manscaping if you want to know everything there is to know about giving the boys a trim. But for now, just know, if you’re rocking a wicked man bush, it’s not doing your sweating issues any favors. Grab your manscaping clippers or safety razor, and trim those hedges.

Powder Up: A great powder is a super easy and effective way to make sure you stay dry and cool all day long. By eliminating the moisture that can happen throughout your day, you’re also eliminating the chance of producing a, dare we say, unpleasant odor down below. Do your boys a favor, and powder them up with a little TLC.

Proper Underwear: If you’re dealing with excessive sweating below the belt, that three pack from the big box store might not be giving you the proper support and breathability you need to keep your boys cool, clean, and fresh. Look for something with a designated pouch for the boys. By separating your manly parts, it allows for way less sweat build up. Not to mention less friction, more support, and definitely more style.

Deep Clean: Exfoliating is an absolute must when it comes to below the belt hygiene. Using soap on your hands just isn’t going to cut it. Grab your loofah and a little elbow grease to make sure your boys and inner groins are squeaky clean.

Sweaty Hair And Beard

There are a few key places in our bodies that perspire more than others. Your forehead and face definitely handle a bulk of the sweat load. As the sweat drips, your hair and beard act as little sponges, soaking up all that muskiness. If you sweat excessively, your hair and beard may be a bit unpleasant. Here’s how to eliminate that sweaty stink from your luscious locks.

Shampoo: If you’re excessively sweating, chances are your hair is locking in that musky scent. Using a great daily shampoo is the best way to make sure your hair isn’t holding in sweat or stench. Because you’re shampooing daily however, make sure you’re pairing it with a great conditioner is key to keep your hair from drying out and being stripped of essential oils and nutrients.

Face Scrub: Sweat not only stinks, but can also clog your pores leading to black heads, acne breakouts and irritation. Using a high-quality face scrub before bed will make sure you’ve washed away any excessive sweat build up to not only reduce lingering odor, but also keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Beard Balms & Oils: If your excessively sweating, chances are your beard and mustache, much like the hair on your head is sopping up all that stinky dampness. Using a beard balm or oil to coat your beard is a great way to keep it protected from sweat build up. Not to mention, add a bit of a fresh or woodsy scent to that majestic mane. Sure, it is not its core function but you can think of beard balms and oils like deodorant for your beard. As an added (and critical) bonus, it will also keep your often-neglected skin underneath moisturized and eliminate dreaded beard flakes, itchiness, and irritation.

Sweaty Feet

We’ve saved the worst for last. No body part harnesses the power of stink quite like your feet; and if you sweat excessively, they’re scent is most likely extremely noticeable. Follow these tips to get your feet smelling like roses, and extend the life of your favorite footwear.

Wear Socks: You may think that by wearing socks your feet would actually sweat more. It’s a common misconception. In all reality your feet sweat more when you’re not wearing socks, as your socks act as a protective barrier from your footwear. If you excessively sweat don’t skip out on socks. Unless you’re wearing sandals. In that case, you get a highly recommended, free pass.

Foot Deodorant: Using a great foot deodorant is a super simple way to make sure your feet don’t stink and sweat. A few sprays right after the shower is all you’ll need to get you through the day. If you want to save a few bucks, using the same Powder you used to powder the boys will give you the exact same result!

Trim Those Nails: Under your toe nails can harbor a whole bunch of bacteria, bacteria which can stink! Grab your nail clipper kit and make sure those nails are trimmed.

Foot Files: A great foot file will easily remove calluses and dead skin from your feet. Calluses and dead skin that, much like your toe nails, can start to grow some wickedly stinky bacteria. Use your foot file routinely to not only keep your feet smooth to the touch, but also fresh and stink free.


That’s it gents. Our super simple tips will have you laying the hammer to body odor and excessive sweating once and for all!

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