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The Top Grooming Habits Women Notice First

The Top Grooming Habits Women Notice First

Article Outline

1. Bad body odor tips.

2. Hair care & dandruff advice.

3. Facial hair & manscaping mistakes.

4. Nasty breath help.

5. Dirty hands and nail care.

6. Unruly eyebrows, ears and nose guide.

7. Cracked lips tips.

8. Skin care dos and don’ts.

Gents, unfortunately the days of putting in minimal effort for those spicy senoritas are over. Nowadays it takes a little bit more to attract that special someone. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top grooming habits you need to focus on to have her checking you out for all the right reasons.

Bad Body Odor

First things first, deodorant is not an option, it’s a must. Regardless of how you think you smell; everyone emits a certain “stench” from their armpits due to an excessive number of sweat glands. There are safe, and effective options when it comes to deodorant as well. Look for something aluminum free and natural. Trust us. Everyone needs deodorant, everyone!

When it comes to daily upkeep, a great body wash and a good shower loofah make eliminating body odor a total breeze. Chest, arms, legs, armpits, all pretty standard, but don’t ignore the rest of your body. Some guys tend to forget a few areas, the back, belly button, behind the ears, and the feet. Don’t be that guy. Put that loofah to work!

When it comes to wearing a fragrance, we’ve got an entire article that lays out everything you need to know. For now, here’s the absolute musts. Less is more. It’s been shown that women have a heighten sense of smell as opposed to their male counterparts. So, don’t take a bath in it. Just a few sprays will do just fine. Also, keep your seasons in mind. Fresh and floral scents are light and good for warmer months, while oriental and woodsy scents are darker making them ideal for colder months. 


Don’t neglect your feet. If you do well enough with the spicy senoritas that the shoes come off, don’t let your foot odor be a deal breaker. Feet, just like armpits are loaded with sweat glands. A simple foot deodorant when you hop out of the shower could make all the difference. Like a boy scout, always be prepared, and make sure your foot odor doesn’t toss up a roadblock.

Hair Care & Dandruff

First off, let us say that dandruff is super common. Like, so common that as many as 50 million adults have it. But it is noticeable, especially to women. Anti-dandruff shampoo is the best way to get rid of dandruff, hands down. We always recommend something jam packed with coal tar and washing the hair once a day for the best results. Coal tar actually helps slow the growth of skin cells to decrease scaling and dryness. Something with a bit of menthol is also great to soothe irritated skin and get rid of itchiness.


If your hair is dry, it needs to be handled immediately. Get yourself an amazing hydrating shampoo to help bring some life back into those follicles.  What you’re looking for here is something with Argan Oil, which is a great moisturizer packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants. 

It's also important to keep your hair cut and looking well-kept. You should make going to the barber’s shop a regular part of your schedule. You should probably go in about 4 weeks after your haircut. It may seem too soon, but your hair grows much faster than you think. On average, hair grows about 1 inch every fourth week! Regular appointments will not only keep your haircut looking new, but also your hair itself will look healthier.

Having great hair is definitely noticed and appreciated by the spicy senoritas. So, keep it freshly cut, clean, and dandruff free to earn some much-needed bonuses points with the ladies.

Facial Hair Care and Manscaping

Although women have different preferences for facial hair, keeping it controlled is a good bet. As long as it looks like you put in the effort, you are in a good position. It’s been shown that women appreciate a man with a light stubble, somewhere around 5 days is usually the sweet spot. Using an electric shaver maintains a perfect amount of stubble and avoids nicks and cuts.

If you prefer to keep your beard, just remember to keep it well trimmed and clean. Remember nobody likes neckbeards, so make sure you’re edging it up properly. Beard dandruff is also just as bad as dandruff in your hair, so using a great beard balm is a great way to avoid beard flakes, by not only hydrating the beard itself, and the skin underneath. If you really want to take your beard game next level, pair it with a great beard oil to show the spicy senoritas how well-kept a beard can be.


When it comes to manscaping you could also think about using body groomers to take care of your back and shoulder hair. You don’t have to go hairless, but try to manage it. Electric shavers are also a safe bet when manscaping to avoid any, dare we say, injuries. Again, you don’t have to go hairless, but trimming the hedges will definitely go a long way with the ladies. We promise she will appreciate the effort.

Regardless of how much manscaping or beard trimming you do, the one thing all the ladies can agree on is cleaning up your stubble mess is a total pain. Stay out of the dog house and clean up you mess when you’re done. A compact bathroom vacuum, like the Stubble Buddy, is an easy and effective way to eliminate that mess left behind from trimming. Do yourself a favor, and never get into stubble trouble again.


Dragon Breath and Bad Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things people notice. So, of course you need to take care of it! We probably don’t need to tell you this but bad breath is definitely no Bueno! If the first thing she notices about you is bad breath, that’s not good. Be prepared for ghosting even after you think you had a great date!

Dental hygiene is very important to having the perfect smile. In order to reduce plaque and tartar buildup (no, not tartar sauce, it’s when plaque hardens and becomes yellow or brown), try dry brushing before brushing with toothpaste. This has been said to reduce buildup by 67%! Mouthwash also goes a long way, so try to carry some with you throughout the day, especially on date night. And finally, don’t forget to floss!

Hand and Nail Care

You've got to be well-groomed all over, including your hands and feet. Now we won’t go into a nail-biting lecture here, but keeping your hands in great shape is definitely something the spicy senoritas will notice. In fact, according to celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, your nails are one of the top thing’s women notice. Cracked, rough hands are no different. Make sure your hands are touchable. Using a hand cream, especially in the winter month’s when our hands are prone to dryness is an absolute must. If you want to break that touch barrier, make sure dry rough hands aren’t a deal breaker for her.


Most dudes don’t really pay much attention to their feet. Huge mistake!  The spicy senoritas definitely notice your dry, cracked feet, thick calluses, and of course, bad toenails. It’s not a pretty sight to see, guys. The same rules apply to your toenails as they do to your fingernails. A great nail kit will actually include two pairs of clippers: one small one for fingernails, and one larger version for your toes. A great foot file is amazing for your overall foot health. It essentially shaves off the dead skin, revealing baby-smooth feet underneath.

Eyebrows, Ears, and Nose

You really need to get control over those eyebrows. Remember two eyebrows is always better than one (unless you are Anthony Davis)! There are many options to keep your eyebrows well-kept including waxing and threading but the easiest option is plucking with tweezers. Make sure you don’t over-pluck! All you need to do is clean up the middle and the edges.


Similar to the eyebrows, you need to trim your nose and ear hair. Seeing some straggler hairs coming out of your nose and ears is not attractive. Trimmers are the best option for getting rid of those pesky hairs.

We don’t think this needs to be said, but we’ll do it anyways. Excessive ear wax and boogers are definitely a no-go. Clean your ears regularly and keep that nose booger free. It only takes a minute and is definitely appreciated.

Lip Care

It is very important to keep lips moisturized. We will tell you straight up, dry lips are just not as enjoyable to kiss. Chapped, cracked, or bleeding lips is not only uncomfortable for you. Lip balm or Chapstick will help keep it moisturized and even tasting nice. As good as it may taste, try not to lick your lips too often because it will dry them out. You can also try lightly exfoliating your lips with a scrub or your toothbrush after brushing your teeth in order to get rid of those irritating cracks.


One simple hack is just use Vaseline. A light coat before bed, is an easy way to make sure you keep those lips kissable, soft, and healthy with relatively low maintenance.

Skin Care

What’s the biggest organ in your body? Don’t be nasty. It’s your skin, so take care of it! You should always try to keep your face clean and presentable. Women shouldn’t be the only ones with a daily face regimen! Using light cleansers and moisturizers will be helpful to keep your skin clean and prevent breakouts and dry patches. Body acne is no different. Keeping a great shower regiment is an easy way to make sure when it’s time for the shirt to come off you’re looking amazing.

That's our top grooming habits to make sure the spicy senoritas are checking you our for all the right reasons. Make sure to follow this guide to have that special lady in your life doing a double take!

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