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Summer Style Guide: How To Up Your Summer Style

Summer Style Guide: How To Up Your Summer Style

Summer is here, and it’s time to take your summer style game to the next level. Check out some of our favorite styles and accessories for this summer to make sure you’re always the best-looking gent around.

Summer Shirts and Tops

Nothing says summer versatility like the classic, short-sleeved button up, like these ones from Express. Casual, yet still classy, this style works great for any summer occasion. It’s not only easily removable without messing up your hair, but looks way more stylish than just rocking a T-Shirt. Not only that, but finding one with a great pattern is an easy and effective way to showcase your style, and get yourself a little extra attention.

The Fit: While versatile and stylish, it’s still important to make sure you’re rocking the right fit to really maximize the potential of this style. Here’s a few tips to make sure your button-up is tailor made.

  • Check Your Shoulder Seams: Shoulder seams should line up with the edge of your shoulders. If the shirt is too big, the seam will fall further down your arm. If the shirt is too small, the seam will ride higher up towards your neck. Make sure the seam lays right across your shoulder to ensure you maintain your body’s natural aesthetic.
  • Check The Length: An easy test to find the right length for you is to wear your shirt untucked and raise your arms. If you’re showing some belly with your arms raised, that shirt is too short. Size up, and keep the belly shirts for the spicy senoritas.
  • Check Your Buttons While Sitting: Take a seat in your new button up. Do the buttons try and pull apart? If so, the shirt is too tight, and it’s most likely noticeable. Again, size up and make sure those buttons are stress free, unless you really like standing.

Now we know what you’re thinking. What about tank tops? The short answer is, there are really only a few instances when a tank top is ok: the gym, and the beach. Other than that, tank tops aren’t impressing anyone. Now if you’re a fan of tank tops, don’t tune out yet. Even though it may be hot out, summer style can still incorporate some layering. If you want to rock that tank top with the classic short sleeved button up over top, just open a few buttons and let your style fly.

Summer Shorts

It’s hot out! So, don’t sacrifice style for comfort. Pairing your short-sleeved button up with a great pair of shorts, like these from The Normal Brand, is an amazing look that will not only keep you stylish, but keep you comfortable as well. The thing to remember is be cognizant of patterns. You never want to double up on patterns, or even worse, mix them. If your shirt is patterned, you shorts should be a solid color. Vice versa if your shorts are patterned, your shirt should be a solid color. This is going to give your outfit a much more aesthetically pleasing and planned-out feel.

The Fit: When it comes to shorts there are some common mistakes men make. Don’t be that guy. Here’s our tips for finding the perfect fit.

  • Short Length: It’s important that the length of shorts don’t go past your knees. Shorts that go past the knees make you look shorter and boxier; and yes, this goes for swim trunks too. They also shouldn’t be too short. Nobody wants to be the ridicule of the dreaded short-shorts jokes. The perfect spot for you shorts to lay is right at the top of your knee cap. For most guys, 7” shorts will be perfect, but adjust as needed based on your height.
  • Short Width (Leg Opening): Having too wide of an opening on the legs of your shorts will give your lower half a very triangular shape. This is No Bueno! Not only that but it makes your legs thin. Instead of parachuting your shorts, look for something with a gentle taper that follows the natural lines of your body. If you’re noticing this triangular looking shape, it’s a great idea to check out the same style in a slim fit.

Pairing your shorts with a stylish belt, like this one from Anson Belt, is typically a move that’s overlooked; but style professionals and enthusiasts alike agree that accessorizing is a must when it’s comes to having great style. Step one: ditch the holes. A great belt, like this one from Anson Belts, not only gets the job done keeping your shorts in place, but the hole less design looks way cleaner than a standard belt. When searching for color, it’s still a great idea to match your belt to your shoes. Wearing brown sandals? Grab a matching brown belt. If you’re a one belt only kind of guy, just remember white goes with anything and is perfect for the warmer summer months.

Summer Shades

Having a cool, clean pair of shades for the summer is an absolute must. Not only for style, but to help protect your eyes from UV rays. Having a great pair of shades doesn’t have to break the bank either. These Ray Ban's are our top picks. The thing to remember here is color. Black shades are amazing and work with nearly everything. Nearly everything! If you’re rocking any shade of blue, you’ll want to avoid the black shades. In this case, snag a pair of classic brown shades and avoid giving off the bruise vibe.

ray ban

The Fit: Yes gents, sunglasses can have the wrong fit. What it really comes down to is face shape and size. Follow these simple tips to make sure you’re rocking the most bad-ass pair of shades for you.

  • Round Faces: Finding a great pair of shades is all about contrast. So, for a round face shape you’ll want to grab a pair of sunglasses that are square or rectangle shaped.
  • Square Faces: You’ve probably guessed, but if you’re rocking a square face shape, then circular or oval lenses or the ones for you.
  • Oval Faces: You lucky, lucky guy. Any style is up for grabs here. Thank the face shape gods, and go nuts.
  • Lens Width: It’s important to keep in mind a great pair of sunglasses frame your face, not hide it. An easy way to tell if your shades fit properly is the hand test. Put both hands on the sides of your face. Your glasses should fall with in your hands. If the glasses are bigger than your guide, they’re also too big for your face. Vice versa if there is a ton of room between your hands and the edge of the lenses, then they are too small for your face, and you should check out an XL size.

Summer Foot Wear

Summer means sandals, and you can’t go wrong with the classic brown leather look, like these from REEF. That is, unless you’re wearing black. If you’re rocking a black outfit, the classic brown leather will clash. In that case go for something pure white or all black. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while people will notice your awesome sandal style, they will also notice your feet. So, make sure your feet are clean, and your toenails are trimmed. A good foot file is also a great way to make sure your feet are smooth and ready for sandal weather.

Not a sandal guy? We understand, they’re not for everyone. If sandals aren’t really your style you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of white sneaks, like these from Thursday Boot Co. They’re super versatile, casual but classy, and work well with any style. Key point here is if you’re going to be rocking sneakers and shorts, make sure to grab yourself a pair of no-show socks. And if you’re thinking about socks and sandals... just say no.

Summer Accessories

Watches are a great accessory anytime of the year. They’ll give the appearance of a man who is well put together, on-time, motivated, and yes… stylish. For the summer, you may want to ditch that metal watch, and switch it out for a much more seasonal wood watch, like this one from TruWood. Not only do you get all the benefits of a traditional watch, but your summer style game just went next level.

The Fit: Watches, just like clothing, need to be properly sized. A watch that is too small is uncomfortable to wear; and a watch that’s flopping all over your wrist is annoying and looks bad. The simple trick for sizing your watch is to remove links until you can gently fit one finger in the band while the watch is on your wrist. This will ensure the perfect amount of motion, while not being obnoxiously too big.

Summer Fragrance

While woodsy fragrances work well in fall and winter, the summer months are all about the fresh and floral scents. This is because the sun intensifies scents which might make wood-based fragrances a bit overpowering. Citrus based fragrances with just a hint of spice, like our signature scent Hero, are perfect for any summer occasion. Don’t forget to keep a travel sprayer close by. Frequent cool downs in pool will require some reapplication.

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