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Men’s Different Hair Types: How to Identify, Maintain, & Style!

Men’s Different Hair Types: How to Identify, Maintain, & Style!

 Article Outline

1. Hair Types Chart By Texture

2. Hair Types Chart By Thickness

Hair maintenance and styling is just as much dependent on a guy's hair type as it is his cut. Hair types are broken down into two categories: texture and thickness. Identifying your hair type, and learning how to maintain it, is a must for having truly Bueno hair.

Before we begin, here’s some things you should know:

  • There are four groups of men’s hair types by texture, and three groups by thickness. Take a look at the hair type charts below.
  • Each group has its own set of pro’s and con’s.
  • Learning the traits of your specific hair group is vital for proper maintenance and styling.
  • While everyone’s hair falls into one these categories, not every guy's hair will react the same. This is a process, so find what works best for you and stick with it.

Let's take a quick look at the Four Men's Hair Types Chart before we describe each type in more detail.

Image By askmen

Now that we've nailed the basics, let’s begin.


1. The Straight Hair Type

Straight hair is easy to distinguish, as it lacks any type of definitive curl. Straight hair is strong, and holds up well to styling, poor weather, and heat. Because the hair is straight the natural oils flow freely from your scalp all the way to the tips of the follicles. This gives straight hair a naturally shiny appearance. However, this oil tends to build up fast, giving the hair a “greasy” look if not washed frequently. As long as you keep the oil issue under control, this hair style is otherwise fairly easy to work with.

  • How to Maintain: Again, oil build up is your worst enemy with this hair type. Shampoo frequently, we recommend nearly daily. A shampoo focused on a deep clean is a great way to go, as this hair type won’t require much more in the way of maintenance. You could also consider a volumizing shampoo, which tends to be a little on the lighter side. When it comes to conditioning, a couple of times per week should be enough to keep your hair healthy and looking amazing. Excessive conditioning will only increase the amount of oil build up.
  • How to Style: When it comes to styling the straight-haired man is spoiled. Really anything goes here. However, due to that amazing natural shine, we recommend a low shine product. For low hold you’ll want to use a Cream, for medium hold use a Clay, and for high hold a Putty. All of which will make for easy styling of any cut, without adding to your natural shine.


2. The Wavy Hair Type

Wavy hair has a visible curl, but you wouldn’t call it curly. Think Jason Momoa. It falls right in that sweet spot between straight and curly. While wavy hair is less likely to get excessive oil build up like straight hair, it is more prone to frizz. But a natural wave is actually a very desirable look with an amazing amount of natural volume and texture. If your a guy that has been blessed with this hair type, ride the wave!

  • How to Maintain: Shampooing is important, but for wavy hair, concentrate more on conditioning. A great conditioner will not only keep your natural wave intact and strong, but will also help eliminate the amount of frizz you’ll have to deal with when styling.  
  • How to Style: – Wavy hair and amazing volume go hand in hand. Depending on your style you may be able to get away with just using a light hold pre-styler that adds a bit of volume and texture. If your hair is a bit on the thinner side, you’ll definitely want to stay away from any styling aid that’s too heavy, as it will bring that wave crashing down, giving your hair a flat, life-less appearance. Anything low hold, like a cream, should be enough to pull off any style that goes with wavy hair. If you feel like you’re needing a bit more hold, you can always step up to a paste, or pair your cream with a few mists of hairspray to give it a little extra humph. 

3. The Curly Hair Type

Curly Hair has very noticeable curls, ones that are way more defined than wavy. Hair is classified as curly when you have multiple curls within an-inch-long strand of hair. While curly hair is typically thick, and doesn’t tend to generate a crazy buildup of oil, it is prone to damage, and even more so frizz, like a lot of frizz. However as long as you can keep the frizz at bay, enjoy rocking some amazing curls! It’s a look that some guys strive to achieve. So, embrace the curl, don’t try to get rid of it.

  • How to Maintain: Shampooing and conditioning should be done fairly regularly. The big thing here is water temperature. You’ll want to make sure to turn that temperature down, in order to avoid frizz. An Argan Oil treatment is a great way to help eliminate the constant frizz. Also, never brush curly hair when it’s dry. Again, it is easily damaged, so be gentle. The best thing to do is use a comb in the shower while your conditioner is still in your hair. This will make combing a breeze, instead of dealing with leaving chunks of luscious locks in the comb post shower.

 Video Courtesy of Demetrios Levi


  • How to Style: The easiest and most effective style for curly hair is short on the sides with a bit of length on top. As for styling aids, you’ll want to avoid anything heavy that can weight down the curls. A quality cream is the best way to go, or a light hold pre-styler like texture powder if you’re looking for a more natural look. Also, many people with curly hair spend so much time and effort trying to eliminate theirs curls. Don’t be that guy! Instead, embrace the curl. Once you have your style locked down and your routine set, it’s actually one of the easiest hair types to maintain and always looks naturally amazing.

Image By DapperMane

4. The “Coily” Hair Type

“Coily” hair is identified by tight coils that begin immediately at the scalp. We are talking numerous curls present in a one-inch section of hair, far more than curly.  “Coily” hair tends to shrink up when wet, and unfortunately is the most fragile and prone to dryness. Maintenance will be key for this hair type, but if you can keep it healthy and looking amazing, you’re guaranteed to have some awesome style.

  • How to Maintain: For “Coily” hair conditioning is key to maintain proper moisture throughout the follicles. An Argan Oil treatment, once or twice a week, is also a great way to maintain health with this hair. Measure must be taken to protect this hair type, as damage can occur fast and substantial. Avoid heat, both from showers and the elements, and avoid getting this hair type wet outside of the controlled shower environment.


  • How to Style: Styling “Coily” hair can be difficult, as training the hair to do much of anything outside of its natural curl is quite difficult. Instead focus on finding the proper length for your face shape. A great pre-styler is all you’ll need to add a bit of volume and texture. Avoid anything high hold and heavy, as it will just weigh your hair down. Also, hand style whenever possible. Bringing a comb and brush to the party is No Bueno with this fragile hair type. Keep it natural, and be gentle.


1. Men’s Thin Hair Type

Thin hair is can be easily identified by seeing the scalp through the hair. The hair strands themselves are very thin and new hair grows sparsely. Thin hair also tends to have low volume and texture. A study by NYU Langone Health determined that more than 80% of men will experience thinning hair at some point in their lives. So, if you fall into this category, just know you are not alone!


  • How to Maintain: A great volumizing shampoo is a must for thin hair. Something jam packed with Biotin is a great way to bring some life back into the hair, but also stimulate new growth. Conditioning is also key for maintaining thin hair health. You’ll want to be making sure your hair is getting all the nutrients and essential oils it needs, to start to thicken up.
  • How to Style: Look for something light hold. You don’t want to weigh the hair down. Again, volume is your friend here, as increasing volume will give your hair a much fuller, thicker appearance. A pre-styler is an easy way to add some volume and texture as well.

2. Men’s Normal Hair Type

Normal hair is exactly as it sounds, normal. It is generally healthy looking. The scalp can be seen when pulling your hair back with your hand, but when untouched the scalp is hidden. The follicles are a decent thickness and are grouped tightly together giving a nice, full appearance.

  • How to Maintain: A shampoo designed for a decent clean, and a conditioner to provide some hair health it all you’ll really need here. Normal hair tends to be fairly easy to work with so develop your routine and tailor it until you find the sweet spot. Washing 3 times per week and conditioning 5 is a great place to start if you’re unsure.
  • How to Style: For normal hair there’s really no restrictions here. Go nuts and style away, you lucky, lucky man.

3. Men’s Thick Hair Type

Thick hair is identified by barely being able to see the scalp through the hair. Follicle groupings in thick hair are tight, and follicle diameter is quite large. Thick hair has a highly textured look at all times, but can be difficult to dry off at times.

  • How to Maintain: The thickness of the hair can be difficult to work with. Using a volumizing shampoo, something that is typically light in consistency, tends to work better with this hair type. As for conditioning, two to three times a week is all you’ll need to get by.
  • How to Style: Heavier products can cause thick hair to develop a “clumping” affect. Keep it light with something that’s low hold. When paired with a volume shampoo, thick hair is a breeze to style without much effort. Let the natural hold and texture work its magic here.
Hair Type Chart By Follicle Size

Image By Real Men Real Style

Now that you’ve identified your hair type, styling and maintenance should be a breeze. The most important thing to remember is that, while everyone’s hair falls into one of these categories, not everyone’s hair will react the same. Find what works the best for you, and stick with it. It is a process, but a worthwhile one if you truly wish to have Bueno Hair!

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