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The Woes Of Losing Hair: Men's Hair Tips For Thinning, Balding, & Fine Hair

The Woes Of Losing Hair: Men's Hair Tips For Thinning, Balding, & Fine Hair

Article Outline

1. How to find your hair type.

2. Advice on washing and caring for your hair.

3. Guide to the best products for thin hair.

4. Tips on hairstyles for thinning or fine hair.

It may be genetics, or maybe we’re just getting a bit older, but sadly, some of us have to deal with thinning and fine hair. Toss on your favorite cap or shave it all off? No, no. Just follow these easy tips, and bring some life and muscle back into those luscious locks.


First, let's talk about your hair type. Many men think they are thinning up top, but really just have fine hair. What's the difference? Let's break it down.

  • Fine hair relates to the diameter of your hair follicles, or how thick they are; while thin hair relates to the density of your hair follicles, or how close/far apart they are from each other.
  • Fine hair is typically softer, more fragile, lighter, and a tad greasier.
  • Thinning hair is typically due to genetics, hormone levels or natural hair loss due to aging, or the natural progression of losing those strands, i.e. baldness.

Now these tips will work for both hair types, but if you’re unable to do them all, which we highly recommend, it’s important to identify your hair type to know which tips are most important. For fine hair, you’ll want to focus on the styling tips, as fine hair is all about volume. For thinning hair, you’ll want to focus on the hair health tips, as stopping hair loss is all about making those follicles as healthy as can be, and keeping them where they belong... on your head!


Some men believe that washing your hair too often actually thins it out, or even worse, can lead to baldness. However, it’s exactly the opposite. Washing actually thickens hair by removing the dirt and grease that makes your hair fall flat. Why is this important? Hair with volume fills in the gaps so to speak, hiding your scalp as intended, and giving you a rich, full looking head of hair.  Just remember to wash with cold water if you can handle it. Heat is your hairs natural enemy. So, keep it cold, and keep it clean!


A good thickening or volumizing shampoo incorporates technologies and ingredients that allow the hair strands to have lift, or volume. Also, look for something that contains Biotin, Rice Protein, and/or Vitamin H, the essential vitamin needed to promote healthy hair and new growth. Remember to let it marinate. Don’t rinse the shampoo out immediately. Give it time to work its magic. We also recommend taking daily Biotin Gummies to help with your thinning hair.


Constant combing and brushing can make your hair look limp and flat. Even worse, if your hair tends to tangle easy, an aggressive combing will leave more hair on the comb than on your head! Let’s face it, hair loss is already a problem for most of us at some point, let’s not speed the process along. Try to hand style instead. Not only will this give your hair a fuller, more natural look, but a little messiness is in right now. Ride the trend, ditch the comb.


Pre-styling is key to adding texture and volume, especially for those of us with fine hair. It also provides enough light hold that, for some styles, may eliminate the need to use any other styling product. Remember less is more when it comes to styling thinning or fine hair. Apply the pre-style spray to the root of the follicle. This will be where it’s most effective at providing the volume you need. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Sea Salt Pre-stylers are a game changer, especially when it comes to thinning or fine hair.


Heavier hold hair products can weigh your hair down, the strongest of which can even hold large groups of hair follicles together, allowing your scalp to show through, and giving an even more accentuated thinning appearance. Instead switch to something with a light hold, like a cream or a paste. This will allow your hair to maintain more of the volume needed to hide your scalp, while still providing enough hold to keep you looking amazing. If you really want to kick the thickness up a notch, using a styling aid specifically designed to thicken your luscious locks while giving you a light hold to style with!


A lot of products that add volume or texture to your hair can leave your hair looking greasy and heavy. This isn't the look you want to go for. However, the magic of Texture Powder is applying a few sprinkles to your dry hair and then using your fingers to style will leave your thin or fine hair with added texture, but also natural hold. 


Again, heat is your hairs natural enemy, so protect it! A great heat protection spray keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Now don’t get us wrong, we totally agree that a blow dryer is a great way to add volume. But without heat protection, you could literally be playing with fire. Also, protect your hair from the sun. Just like your skin, your hair can feel the full effects of the blistering rays of hot summer day. If you know you’re going to be outdoors in the sun for a while, there’s no shame in tossing on a hat. But if it’s not an option, a few sprays of heat protection after styling is a great way to stay protected while still rocking some amazing style.


Much like aggressively combing, an abrasive towel dry is a sure fire way to thin out your hair, or worse yet, pull it right out. Our hair is the weakest when it’s wet, so fresh out of the shower is the time you’ll need to be gentle. Instead of vigorously rubbing the towel through your hair, pat to dry instead. The towel will still soak up just as much water, and it will leave your hair on your head where it belongs.

Secret Password: Thinning hair is No Bueno!


Over time our hair becomes trained, and by trained, we mean lazy. Try changing up your part. If you part your hair left, go right, and vice versa. Changing your style and position of your part will force your hair to be retrained. Instead of just laying flat and dormant, you’ll now be introducing some much-needed volume and fullness as your hair naturally adjusts to its new position.


Last, but maybe the most important of all is the classic conditioner. Conditioning provides you hair with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, thick, and full. It also provides protection throughout the day from breakage and damage, leading to the appearance of thin hair. Not only that, conditioner smooths the hair follicle and adds body, literally thickening your hair. So yes gents, men can, and should condition!

Thinning and fine hair is a problem, but a manageable one. Follow these easy tips, toss your favorite cap in the closet, and get ready for the thick, full hair you deserve!

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