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How To Take an Awesome Guy Selfie: 5 Tips for Men to Get the Perfect Photo Shot

How To Take an Awesome Guy Selfie: 5 Tips for Men to Get the Perfect Photo Shot

Article Outline

1. Advice on framing your photos.

2. Guide to photo angles and posing.

3. How to find the perfecting lighting.

In this day and age where social media reigns supreme, one can argue that our profile pictures are just as much an identifier as that government-issued ID in your wallet. Posting pictures of ourselves living our best life is now the norm, online dating is more common than ever, and instead of looking at resumes, employers hunt our social media to see what were all about. So, what does your selfie say about you? Follow our five plus tips to the perfect male selfie, and leave a lasting impression on the social media world.


Let's start with the basics. If at any point you find yourself in your bathroom with your shirt off taking a selfie, you’ve already made a mistake. Regroup and try again. The bathroom mirror selfie is old news. Girls hate it guys... especially in your Tinder profile. Unless it is your girlfriend and she's told you she likes them (rare) don't do it publicly! Don't be that guy, be classy.



We realize you rarely get the shot the first time, but knowing your phone’s camera options is key to reducing the number of times it takes to nail the perfect shot. The pros use the volume up button on the side of the phone instead of the on-screen camera button. It not only helps to reduce the amount of shake and blur that can accompany trying to hold the phone and stretch for the cam button; but also ensures that the framing of your shot stays where you want it. Also, don’t be afraid to use the phones timer. It’s still a selfie even if you’re not holding the phone. Sometimes putting the phone out of reach is needed to get the best shot.



The background of your image in many cases can make or break a photo. Make your shot eye catching! Standing in front of a car, a cool building, an awesome neon sign, are all great ways to introduce a cool background to your image. Some pro tips:

  • Stand further away from your background – This introduces some great bokeh to your shot, or that blurry background you see in pro photos.
  • Look for leading lines – Try to find subjects in the background or foreground that lead the eye towards you. Handrails, street lines, edges of buildings; all should draw the attention towards you.
  • The Rule of thirds – Imagine breaking an image down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so that the image has 9 parts. This is why when you turn your grid on you have 9 squares. Where these lines intersect are your points of interest. Placing your key elements of the photo at these intersecting lines gives your photo a more balanced feel, enabling your viewer to interact with it more naturally.




Have you ever wondered why girls all seem to hold the phone high up and shoot at a downward angle when they take their selfies? Well it’s because angles are important, and they know it. Holding the camera up high and shooting downward is portrayed as a very submissive angle, perfect for that cute girl selfie. Not so much for us gents! Instead hold the camera low and shoot upward. According to an article posted in Psychological Science, it’s an angle that gives the appearance of dominance, and portrays a sense of depth and masculinity, making you look and feel like a true man’s man.



Lighting is key to a great photo, especially when it comes to your phone. Phones automatically introduce ISO to compensate for how dark a photo is. ISO is basically “fake light” added to a photo to brighten it up. However, with added fake light, comes added graininess, making your photo quality look no Bueno. Instead of relying on the phones fake light, do this to make sure your well-lit and looking awesome:

  • Stand facing your light source.
  • If you’re looking for a dramatic shot have the light source hit one side of your face more than the other.
  • Colored light is a great way to get a cool photo. Neon’s, store front signs, traffic lights etc.
  • Avoid yellow light! It naturally gives you an orange glow that makes you look like an Oompa Loompa.
  • Avoid top down lighting only. This will introduce some really wicked dark circles around your eyes.



Some selfies can just be plain boring, so it’s important to be doing something. Smile, wink, hold up the peace sign, whatever you have to do to not just be looking awkwardly into the camera. An easy trick is just to grab a hold of something. Grab a handrail, lean on a street sign, lift up that shopping bag just a bit to get it in frame. Just make sure you’re doing something, it will always lead to a more interesting photo.


This is where we are the specialists...make sure your hair is looking amazing. Make sure you're not popping a pimple an hour before the picture. Make sure your skin and face are looking vibrant and clean. Make sure you're clean shaven or you trimmed your beard just right. And, definitely make sure you don't have any dandruff!


Five plus tips to follow, and you are now a master of the selfie. Get ready for the likes to pile up, and the inbox to be flooded with DM's! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @peteandpedro. We’d love to see your new skills put to work!

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