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6 Advice Tips & Hairstyles for Men with a Receding Hairline

6 Advice Tips & Hairstyles for Men with a Receding Hairline

Nothing is more disheartening than looking in the mirror and noticing that your hairline is slowly receding. Perhaps you didn’t see it coming. Maybe you did see it coming, but it happened much sooner than you thought. Either way, it sucks. But all is not lost, gentlemen! With a new haircut and the right men's hair products, you can have Bueno hair once again.

We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best hairstyles for men with receding hairlines. Although they may not restore your hairline (you’ll need Bosley or Rogaine for that), they can go a long way in restoring your confidence—and that’s what matters the most.

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut season is every season but great for spring/summer. Why not get a head start on your summer hairstyle and buzz your hair? The buzz cut has a well-known reputation for being incredibly flattering on receding hairlines. Not to mention, it’s insanely masculine and badass-looking. It’s also a low maintenance hairstyle that requires hardly any effort. Invest in some quality hair clippers, repeat your buzz every few weeks and you’re good to go.

2. Faux Hawk

The tamer and less daring version of the mohawk, the faux hawk, is an excellent hairstyle for men with receding hairlines. The reason being that receding hairlines typically start receding in an “M” shape, which the faux hawk compliments. If you still have some decent hair on top to work with, why not emphasize what you have? Applying a texturizing hair paste to your strands, push the front upwards and presto! You now have yourself a subtle, yet sexy faux hawk.

3. Fringe with Undercut

Pompadours, slick backs and other styles that require you to push your hair backward will only emphasize your receding hairline. Instead, try the fringe haircut. This versatile cut features shorter sides with a longer top and comes in many variations. We recommend getting a fringe with an undercut like the one Cillian Murphy sports on Peaky Blinders. To style your fringe, spray your damp hair with a men's sea salt spray. Then, blow-dry your hair and work in a men's hair styling clay to give it a natural hold. Another option if you're in a rush is apply some texture powder to dry hair and use your fingers to style. The volume is insane!

4. Crew Cut

If you want to rock a timeless hairstyle that flatters your hairline, look no further than the classic crew cut. Clean, masculine and simple, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dude who can’t pull this hairstyle off. The crew cut was originally inspired by Jock Whitney, a member of the Yale rowing team in the 1920s. Since that time, the crew cut has shown to have serious staying power.

If you want to give your crew cut a modern twist, consider opting for a crew cut with a high skin fade and grow out a beard. The high skin fade will make the hair on top appear thicker, while the beard will add interest and style to your look.

5. Comb Over

It’s difficult for some dudes to get over the negative connotations attached to the comb over haircut. However, rest assured that the comb over haircut has made a huge comeback in recent years. These days, it’s become strongly associated with the side-part haircut, a classic look that oozes masculinity and businessman bravado. To get the look, blow-dry your part in place. Apply a quality hair putty that will give your hair a firm hold with a touch of shine. But, we should mention if it can't be pulled off with your hair, go for the buzz/super-short hair look - it will look better.

6. Medium-Length Hair

If you’ve been blessed with thick hair, a receding hairline may seem like a cruel twist to your otherwise amazing hair. But lucky for you, having a thick head of hair makes you the perfect candidate for a medium-length hairstyle. Simply grow out your locks and let them Z*D!&R#XY hang over your temples to disguise your receding hairline. No one needs to know your little secret. Plus, you can always style your medium-length locks into a comb over to add fullness.

Keep Things Simple

When it comes to styling a receding hairline, simplicity is key. Avoid weighing hair down with heavy pomades and gels. Instead, reach for men's hair products that will pump up the volume on what you’ve got left. With the right cut and some expert styling, you’d be surprised at how much life you can add to your hair.

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