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How to Style Thin Hair for Men

How to Style Thin Hair for Men

Admit it. You could have amazing skin, the body of Adonis and all the sartorial genius of Cary Grant, and you’d still be stressing over your rapidly-thinning hair. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. Thinning hair can be a major confidence-killer for a lot of guys.

If you’re not quite ready to go full Jason Statham by embracing the bald (we gotta admit, he makes it look damn good), don’t panic. You have a slew of style options to cover up a diminishing hairline. Below, we’re dishing out our best tips on how to style thin hair for men.

Thin Hair vs. Fine Hair – What’s the Difference? 

First, let’s briefly clear up what the difference is between fine hair and thin hair. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different things.

“Fine” hair refers to the thickness of each individual strand of hair, whereas “thin” hair refers to how many of those strands you have on your head. They’re also not mutually exclusive! A person with thick, enviable hair can still have fine hair as well. Conversely, a person with coarse hair can also have thinning hair.

Since thin hair and fine hair share a few of the same hair struggles (lack of volume being a big one), many of the tips below can be applied to both. However, keep in mind that we’re talking directly to the dudes who have thin hair specifically.

How to Style Thin Hair for Men

With that out of the way, let’s now discuss how to style thin hair for men. You don’t need to have a thick, luscious mane like Jason Momoa to feel good about your hairline. Just follow these styling tips and you can revamp your thinning dome and get your confidence back. 

man combing hair

Start with the Haircut

First things first: Pay a visit to your barber. The right haircut for thinning hair can make a WORLD of difference to your hair and instantly give your thinning strands some extra oomph. 

In general, you want to stick to haircuts that are tighter on the sides and longer on top. Think: Quiff haircuts, pompadours, comb-overs and slick backs. These haircuts can fake a fuller appearance when it comes time to actually style your thin hair.

Location, Location, Location

So, where are you thinning, exactly? Trust us, it matters! If you are thinning uniformly, you could ask your barber to give you a textured pompadour or quiff. Texturing your hair will help give it more volume and definition.

closeup man touching scalp

If you’re losing hair around your temples, you may want to skip texturizing and keep hair longer on top. By keeping hair longer on top, you can style it forward and disguise your receding hairline.

Rethink Your Shampoo

If you have dandruff on top of thinning hair, you can do yourself a big favor by using a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Tea tree oil can eliminate stubborn dandruff that, when left untreated, can lead to scalp damage and slow hair growth.

Another option is specially formualted shampoo that serves the sole purpose of adding more volume to your hair. Take our popular VOLUME shampoo as an example, switching out your day to day shampoo with this can help with your thinning hair. On days when you’re not shampooing your hair, use a dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo is great for removing excess oil from the scalp while adding extra volume for styling purposes.

Add a Volumizing Pre-Styler

When shopping for hair products, look for anything that will give your thin hair texture, volume and a hint of hold. Hands down, one of the best products for thin hair that every guy needs to have in his hair care arsenal is a pre-styler. 

Using a volumizing sea salt spray for men on your thinning locks is truly a game-changer, gentlemen. This bad boy can add texture, volume and definition to your hair, all while giving it a light hold to lock your hairstyle in place for all-day sexiness. Give it a try and don’t be surprised if you get hooked.

Another alternative is Texture Powder, apply a few sprinkles into your hair and use your hands to get the desired look you want. It's amazing how little you need to apply texture and volume to thin hair! 

Pick Up a Lightweight Hair Putty

When it comes to styling your hair, avoid using super heavy pomades and clays. Instead, use a lightweight hair putty that won’t weigh your hair down with greasiness and crunchiness.

In general, you want a hair putty with only a dash of shine. That’s because thinning and/or fine hair can run the risk of looking too greasy due to the excess oils on the scalp. Stick to a matte finish or low shine and be sure to apply it from the tips of the hair—not the roots!

Another alternative is a styling product formulated to add more texture and volume to thin hair like THICK.

Hot Air Is Your Friend

Blow drying your hair is an absolute must for guys with thinning hair. Unlike air-drying, which can make hair fall flat, blow drying your hair on medium heat can help lift and separate hair strands to make them appear thicker.

For maximum volume, use your blow dryer at an angle to blast strands in an upward direction. Depending on the hairstyle you’re going for, you can finish up with hair spray to lock your strands into place while giving them more volume.

Take Biotin Gummies

A lot of research highlights that biotin is a key ingredient to prevent hair loss, something a lot of guys with thin hair worry about. Therefore, taking a Biotin supplement can help prevent your hair from thinning further, alongside working towards preventing hair loss. 

The Bottom Line

Remember: Thinning hair isn’t the end of the world. We’re all going to experience it to some degree. With these styling tips, you can achieve maximum volume, maximum hold and maximum sexy, no matter how much hair is on your head.


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