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Body Powder Essentials: Why You Need To Add Body & Ball Powder To Your Grooming Routine

Body Powder Essentials: Why You Need To Add Body & Ball Powder To Your Grooming Routine

Article Outline

1. Why use balls & body powder?

2. Advice on what makes a great balls & body powder.

3. Tips on how to properly apply powder.

4. How to choose the right powder for you.

Let’s face it guys, our balls, butts and feet sweat a lot. With that sweat comes a stinky and musky mess downstairs. Ever wonder why you got ghosted by that spicy señorita after that great date? Let's paint a picture. It’s a hot day, you take a shower, put on your best clothes, you have a great time, things heat up, then an awful smell creeps out. Date over!

Although these smells are totally natural, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight mother nature like a Kung Fu ninja and have great smelling balls, butts and feet. You need to learn the best powder and hygiene routine for your balls and never live such a terrible experience again. Today, we put an end to the sweaty balls and swamp butt epidemic. Here's everything you need to know to master your powder routine!

TIP: With Great Powder, Comes Great Responsibility

Why Should Use Body & Ball Powder

  • Your Balls Stink!  - It's okay gents, our balls can get a little musky sometimes. All the sweat and bacteria from the day cultivate in our underwear, leaving us smelling nasty! While it is a completely natural occurrence, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it. Adding a great powder to your daily routine makes sure your boys stay fresh and dry, and ensures that you smell good below the belt all day and night.
  • Your Butt Is Swampy - Our butts are literally a sweaty war-zone, and the enemy is swamp butt! Swamp butt is the worst; and if it's visible swamp butt, that's definitely no bueno! Avoid this embarrassing situation by using powder. A great powder will not only guarantee that your boys stay cool and dry all day, but also makes sure you never have to deal with the dreaded swamp butt and the social embarrassment that comes with it.
  • You Have Sensitive Skin Prone To Irritation - There's a lot of, shall we say, friction that occurs below the belt throughout the day. All the running around we do everyday takes its toll through chafing and rubbing, leaving our underside an irritated mess!  If your skin gets irritated easily, powder is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to eliminating skin irritation and friction.
  • Your Feet Smell! - Ever been worried about taking your shoes off for fear the stench will clear out the room? Stinky, smelly feet are a common problem for everyone; but it's also one that is very noticeable and very unpleasant for those around you. Be the guy with clean, great smelling feet! Grab your powder and apply it to your feet right after your shower to keep your feet dry, cool, and stink free all day long. It's also not a bad idea to use a foot file at least once a week to remove the dead, dry, callused skin that builds up on your feet to help keep the odor and discomfort at bay.
  • You Workout - Hitting the gym regularly and keeping that body in shape is an absolute must. Stinking up the gym, your car and house with workout stench however; not so much. Toss a powder in your gym bag and eliminate the sweat and stink that comes along with getting in a good workout session. Not to mention, powder eliminates the irritation and friction that can come along with a solid workout.

What To Look For In A Great Body Powder?

A great body powder uses the best natural ingredients to keep your boys fresh. Ingredients like baking soda, cornstarch and arrowroot powder all work together in harmony to capture moisture, eliminate sweat and stop irritation. Another key component in a great body powder is the absence of talc, an ingredient commonly used in body powders that causes irritation on your skin and has been linked to cancerous diseases. Now we’re no scientists, but after watching this, it's safe to say we should avoid products with talc.

When it comes to picking a powder, consider using ones that contain natural ingredients, a premium cornstarch blend to absorb the sweat and ones that are talc-free.

How To Properly Apply A Body & Balls Powder

There are a few tried and true methods to applying your ball powder, but the most effective has to be The Cup Method. This method is pretty hard to explain… so here is a quick and easy demonstration.

The big downside with all powders is mess. If you’re not careful, it can get everywhere. If you put too much powder on, it can seep through your clothing, leaving behind a white powdery butt-print on whatever you were sitting on. So be sure to use caution!

Choosing The Right Powder For You

Our premium-blend body powder comes in a scented, unscented, and a cooling sensation blend. While they all provide incredible protection from sweat, odor and irritation, there are some minor differences that make them each unique. Here's how to tell which one is right for you.

  • Unscented - For the guy who keeps it basic. Just pure protection and all-day comfort.
  • Fresh - For the guy who likes a little projection. All the protection and comfort with a crisp, clean scent for a blast of freshness.
  • Frost - For the guy who likes to feel the breeze. If you're looking for a cool, fresh sensation that gives your boys an incredibly clean feel, this is the one for you.

TIP: Always look for a talc-free powder. Cornstarch is the most common alternative that delivers amazing results.

Gents, the choice is simple when it comes to adding a powder to your daily routine. Eliminate sweaty balls, swamp ass and irritation downstairs. The benefits of using our premium and natural body powder will leave you fresh, dry, and uber-comfortable from dusk to dawn!

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