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The Benefits Of Dry Shampoo: Why Men Should Be Using This Secret Hair Hack

The Benefits Of Dry Shampoo: Why Men Should Be Using This Secret Hair Hack

Article Outline

1. Why You Should Use Dry Shampoo.

2. What Makes A Good Dry Shampoo.

3. How To Properly Use Dry Shampoo.

Messy, uncontrollable hair is a pain. Not having enough time to shower or use your favorite product to tame it? Even worse! If you're like most guys, you've probably never heard of a product called Dry Shampoo. You may be wondering right now “that doesn't even make any sense - how can a shampoo be dry?” While this may read as a contradiction, dry shampoo is an amazing tool to keep in your grooming arsenal because it adds insane texture and volume, fixes oily and greasy hair, and simplifies your morning routine with its ease of use. Women have long known the benefits of using dry shampoo, and it’s time you do too! Here’s everything you need to know on how and why you should be using this secret hair hack.


Why You Should Use Dry Shampoo

  • Simplify Your Morning Routine: As men, we are sophisticated but simple creatures. Sure, a well regimented morning routine is a great habit to have but we all have those mornings where we are short on time or just feeling a little lazier than usual. When these days come around, don't give in to a bad hair day! You can still look super-fresh even when you don’t have the time or energy to shower and do your normal routine. Instead of rocking the bed head look, simplify your morning routine by using a dry shampoo to add lavish volume and texture, while totally eliminate that morning hair disaster most of us roll out of bed with.
  • Fix Oily and Greasy Hair: Oily and greasy hair is a common issue that guys experience in between days they wash their hair. Greasy, oily and messy looking hair is definitely not Bueno hair gentleman! A great dry shampoo works to remedy this issue by absorbing these excess oils and sebum that accumulate in your hair from normal everyday activities like running around, being outside, or getting a workout in. Dry shampoo works as a great fix to oily and greasy looking hair when you don’t have time to hop in the shower or wash your hair!
  • Touch Up Hair Midday With Ease: With all the running around we do during the day, it's totally natural for our hair to get a little messy and need some freshening up. Maybe you had a workout, the rain or wind messed up your hair, or maybe that spicy señorita in the office came by and ran her fingers through your hair. (Not entirely out of the question for a well-groomed gent like yourself.) Dry Shampoo is a great product to keep in your gym bag, car, or at the office for when your hair is in need of a little extra “oomf” during the day.
  • Add Volume and Texture: One of the most amazing benefits of using dry shampoo is the insane texture and rich volume you get from applying it to your hair. If you're looking to really step up your volume game, pair this bad boy up with Volume Biotin Shampoo on those days you wet wash in the shower!

Key Tip: Keep dry shampoo use to only 1-2 times a week, between wash days, to avoid excess product build up and lifeless hair.

How To Tell If A Dry Shampoo Is High Quality

A great dry shampoo will contain high-quality ingredients and, most importantly, will be free of any parabens and SLS. A quality dry shampoo will also blend effortlessly with any hairstyle and type while not leaving excess powder and residue in your luscious locks. In addition to this, it will effectively do its job of absorbing up excess oils and sebum to add volume, texture and hydrate your scalp. Simply put, a quality dry shampoo will work with your hair, not against it.

How To Properly Use A Dry Shampoo

Regardless of your hair type, there are a few basic steps for proper application. Don’t stress! Applying a dry shampoo is super quick and easy. First off, shake the bottle of dry shampoo well. Then spray it directly onto the ROOTS of your hair and your scalp. This will work to soak up those oils and sebum and give you that luxurious volume and texture with a crisp, clean look. Afterwards, just style your hair with any dry products you need! Now depending on your hair type, there are a few tips and tricks to maximize the cleaning potential of a dry shampoo. Here's what you need to know for your hair type.

  • Greasy: If you have naturally greasy or oily hair, dry shampoo will be a life saver for you and will be the most effective for your hair type. Just be sure to still shampoo and condition that head of yours.
  • Natural: With the natural hair type, your hair might be a little more on the dry side. With that you might wonder if dry shampoo would further dry out your hair and scalp? Using a dry shampoo will still give your hair that amazing texture and volume, but yes, make sure not to over do it with the spraying. Now it's no secret guys should be using a great conditioner, but if you're hair is prone to excessive dryness, this is an absolute must!
  • Curly: If you’re a guy with curly hair, dry shampoo will still work with your hair, the method of applying the dry shampoo might need to change though. Don’t brush your hair before applying dry shampoo, brushing it before can cause excess frizziness and the appearance of dry hair, instead of fresh natural looking curls. If you're really struggling with excessive frizziness, it's also a great idea do use an Argan Oil hair treatment at least once a week to not only keep your hair healthy and hydrated, but also to keep that frizz at bay!

Key Tip: Don’t spray and pray with dry shampoo, spray small amounts and massage into your hair until desired texture.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Dry Shampoo

DON'T Use As a Replacement to Regular Shampoo: Remember guys, dry shampoo is to be used as a quick hair fix and not as an excuse to not shower and wash your hair. You still need to shampoo and condition with high-quality products to keep both your hair and scalp healthy, clean, and smelling super fresh. Overuse of dry shampoo can dry your hair out, leave it full of product, and smelling a bit funky. Best method is to not use it for more than 2 days consecutively. If you're unsure which shampoo you should pair your dry shampoo routine with we've got you covered. Take our super simple Shampoo Quiz and nail the perfect shampoo for you in seconds!

DON'T Spray and Pray: There’s no need to go crazy with the dry shampoo gentlemen. Less is more! Use dry shampoo as you would any other of your hair products, spray a small amount and work through hair until desired texture. Remember, you’re using a hair product and not putting out a fire.

DON'T Apply to Wet Hair: This one is pretty straightforward, dry shampoo will clump and become useless if applied to wet hair. For best overall results, use dry shampoo on dry hair!

DO Style With Other Dry Products: Just because you’re using a dry shampoo doesn't mean you can't use other products with it! In fact, other products like clay, putties, and pomades work effortlessly when combined with a dry shampoo. Just remember, it's best to avoid using any sort of wet product before or after applying a dry shampoo. Products like sea salt spray, hair spray or hair oil typically aren't going to work as well, so save those for another day!

Remember, it's all about the little things in life gentlemen. Anything you can use that will make your life a little easier while keeping you looking fresh and stylish is an investment in yourself. Dry shampoo is one of those hidden hair hacks that you need to keep your styling arsenal while you keep all the ladies at bay.

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