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Men's Cuticle & Nail Care Tips

Men's Cuticle & Nail Care Tips

Gents, if you want to up your grooming game it's not just about the hair and face. You've got to be well-groomed all over the entire body starting with those nails for both your hands and feet. We're not going to go into a nail-biting lecture here (tip: stop biting your nails, it's not attractive), but keeping your hands in great shape is definitely something the spicy senoritas will notice. Along with that big smile and your shoes, the hands will be one of the first things a woman will notice about you. So, what's that mean? Step up your nail care game by having all the proper grooming tools!

The first thing you need to do is care for those precious cuticles (just look at the main image before/after - that's how a nail should look!). Cuticle's are important, there we finally said it. They protect new nails from getting infected from bacteria when they grow out from the nail root. It's a delicate region though, so you gotta be super gentle nipping/clipping/pushing around in that region. One of the best tools to do that is a cuticle nipper which helps trim/clean up/nip the cuticle area. You never remove the cuticle, you just want to trim/maintain it as you would your beard. 

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All nail clippers are not created equal. For some guys, the typical nail clippers are not strong enough to clip their bad boy, thick, manly toenails. Hence, where this premium stainless steel nipper/clipper comes in to play. Be careful with this nipper as the jaws/edges are really sharp and can do some damage. They are great for ingrown nails too, and no one wants one of those... they hurt like crazy! Best time to use this nipper is after the shower so that your nails are soft and can easily, safely be trimmed. Of course, most guys are totally happy and content with a "standard" but strong nail clipper set for both finger and toenails. There's two sizes because the toenail ones are longer/have more leverage given your body angle and nail thickness.

If you want to make your nail-grooming life a total breeze, grab a manicure kit. It will usually contain both tools mentioned above along with a few others to make nail care and trimming a breeze. Manicure kits should have a couple of cuticle tools in addition to the nipper like a pusher, and also a nail clipper/file to lead the way to proper nail trimming. Ours includes a tweezer too which always comes in handy whether you get a splinter or need some eyebrow plucking!

That's a nail care wrap. Grab these tools and your nails should be more than ready to showcase to the world.

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