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How to Use a Loofah or Sponge

How to Use a Loofah or Sponge

Guys, let us introduce you to our shower secret weapon. It’s not fancy, scented bar soap, an electric razor or anything involving a massaging showerhead (but definitely get that too).

Nope, it’s something a lot more basic…

It’s the loofah (or sponge)!

man holding loofah in shower

Often perceived as a frivolous bath accessory for the ladies, we think this spongy sphere has some seriously untapped potential, but we’re here to tap straight into it so you can see exactly what this little miracle worker can do for you and your skin.

What Even Is a Loofah?

A loofah is an airy shower sponge consisting of net-like fabric knots that are tied together to create a big pouf.

Loofahs are kind of confusing, we can’t lie. They get their name from the fibrous, gourd-like plant called luffa, which for centuries has been picked and stripped to reveal a spongy, cylindrical inner core. The material has a rough, squishy texture that makes it an excellent natural absorber and exfoliator. These days, though, your loofah most likely isn’t made of anything involving the luffa plant. Instead, it’s probably made of some mesh-like material sewn into knots to create a great, big pouf.  Whether you call it a loofah, a body pouf, a shower ball or a loof pouf (hey, whatever floats your boat), it’s all basically the same thing.

Why Use a Loofah?

Now that we’ve answered the what, let’s head on over to the more important why. The No. 1 reason to add a men’s loofah to your daily routine is that it improves your skin and body wash experience. Specifically, it does this in two crucial ways:

  • It Exfoliates Smoothly—Let us give you a quick recap on why exfoliating is totally necessary. The process of exfoliation essentially removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, creating a softer and healthier surface. That rough top layer has a tendency to leave your skin feeling rough, dry, dull and prone to breakouts, so getting rid of it can set your skin up for serious success. A good loofah has a gentle texture that lets you manually scrub off that top layer of skin to reveal something a bit more pleasant beneath.
  • It Cleans Better—If you’re like most dudes, you probably gather your favorite bottle of body wash for men, squeeze out a mountain-sized helping and slather it all over your body with your hands. We’re sorry to say it, but you’re doing it wrong. When you squeeze the wash into a loofah, it helps it lather up beautifully, which means more coverage and a better clean. The exfoliating texture scrubs your body a whole lot better than your bare hands or, God forbid, a bar of soap. And, last but definitely not least you gents concerned about size/value, with the loofah sudsing up the body wash so much, you don’t need to use nearly as much each time.

How to Use a Loofah

Every well-groomed guy has his own loofah technique, but we like to keep it simple here at Pete & Pedro. Here’s how to leverage the loofah the foolproof way:

  • Load the Loofah—When you get in the shower, dampen your loofah with warm water and apply a quarter-sized amount of body wash or body soap to the surface of the loofah. Using your hands, work it into the nooks and crannies of the loofah to create an amazing lather and to activate the body wash.
  • Scrub Your Skin—You should now basically have a giant ball of lathery body wash which you can use to soap up your entire body. When you’re done, rinse off yourself as well as the loofah. Leave it out to dry somewhere where it won’t harbor moisture.
  • Swap Out Often—Your loofah is an amazing tool but, just like your toothbrush and razor, you need to swap it out on occasion to deter bacteria buildup and get the best grooming results. We always recommend changing up your loofah every month.


Make a Habit of It

As with any grooming endeavor, one of the most important things to remember is to be consistent. Wield that loofah on the daily with a super-moisturizing body wash for men and you’ll be well on your way to squeaky-clean skin with minimal roughness, dryness or blemishes. 


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