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How to Shower Properly

How to Shower Properly

We know what you’re thinking: Does anyone really need to be taught how to shower properly? After all, it’s pretty straightforward: wash, rinse, repeat. Done.

Not so fast, gentlemen. Although showering may seem rather basic to you, there are a surprising number of ways to get it wrong. Everything from the water temperature to the hair products you use can make all the difference to your skin and hair.

If you want to impress the spicy senoritas with your glowing skin and bueno hair, you need to go beyond the shower basics. But don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to shower properly and help you get more out of your daily wash.

Turn the Water Temperature Down

We know how amazing a hot shower can feel after a long workout (or just any time, really), but you need to go easy on the hot water, fellas. Hot water can dry out your hair and skin like crazy, leading to problems like dandruff, flaky skin and itchiness.

To keep hair and skin happy, turn the water temperature down. You don’t need to suffer an ice-cold shower or anything. Lukewarm water will do the trick just fine.

Keep It Short

If your fingers and toes turn wrinkly in the shower, we have bad news: you’re taking way too long in there. Most experts agree that showers should be no more than 5 to 10 minutes long. Why is that? Because longer showers—especially long and hot showers—can wreak havoc on hair and skin.

Besides, shorter showers are better for the environment anyway. Shortening your shower time by a mere two minutes can reduce your daily water use by 10 gallons while making your skin and hair happier. It’s a win-win.

Use a Shampoo Formulated for Your Hair

man washing hair in shower

Word of advice: don’t use a 2-1 shampoo you bought at your local grocery store. Your hair deserves much better than that, gentlemen. These days, guys have their pick of quality men’s shampoos that are formulated specifically for their hair type. Take advantage!

Dealing with dandruff? Say goodbye to flakes with a dandruff shampoo. Struggling to tame thick, dry hair? Pick up an argan oil shampoo to restore hydration to parched strands.

Once you lather up with a high-quality shampoo, use a scalp massager to really work the product into the roots for a deep clean. As an added benefit, it feels incredible on your head.

Don’t Forget Conditioner

Sadly, there are tons of men out there who have not yet discovered the amazing power of a nourishing men’s conditioner. If you’re part of that sad camp, then you’re doing your hair a major disservice.  

Shampoo cleans your scalp while conditioner seals in moisture and helps restore nutrients to your hair follicles. If you have dry, thick or coarse hair, a nourishing conditioner can help reenergize dull strands and give you lust-worthy locks.

Using a conditioner is super simple. Just massage the stuff into your scalp, let it sit in your hair for a couple of minutes and BOOM. You’ll have soft, luscious locks in no time.

Upgrade Your Bar Soap

We won’t deny that bar soaps are effective at removing excess dirt and oil from the skin. However, not every bar soap was created equal. Traditional bar soaps that you tend to find in your local drug store have a super high pH that go well above the skin’s natural pH, but natural bar soaps will help moisturize and exfoliate your skin. 


If bar soap isn't helping, consider switching to a body wash for men that will keep your body clean, hydrated and—and as added bonus—smelling AMAZING. 

Replace Your Loofah

There’s no other way to say it: your loofah is gross. It’s true, guys. Is that really a shocking revelation, though? We mean, you probably use the thing to clean dirt and dead skin cells from the most unclean parts of your body. It’s hardly surprising that your old loofah is a breeding ground for bacteria.

dispensing soap into loofah

Fortunately, there are ways to clean your loofah. And no, running it under the showerhead doesn’t count. If you’re too lazy to clean it regularly, the least you can do is pick up a new one every few months or so.

If you want to step things up, invest in a back scrubber and loofah - all in one! This will help manage bacne and it will get to those areas you tend to struggle with.

Shave (If You Have Time)

If you haven’t used up your precious 10 minutes of shower time, consider knocking out your shave routine while you’re still in there. Shaving in the shower is even better for your skin because the steam from the warm water will keep facial hair soft.

For best results, shave with a safety razor and GO SLOW. If you don’t know how to use a safety razor, don’t worry—they aren’t complicated. Just remember to prep the skin with pre-shave oil first, take your time and finish with a refreshing aftershave splash once you’re finished. Easy-peasy.

The Takeaway: Build a Routine

The best way to start and keep a healthy habit is to build a routine. That’s right, a shower routine will ensure that you never miss an essential shower step. You have to be patient with products like shampoo and conditioner in order to give them a chance to work their magic. So, a healthy shower routine would look like this:

  1. Apply your shampoo
  2. Apply your face cleanser
  3. Rinse your hair and wash your face
  4. Apply your conditioner
  5. Lather up with body wash
  6. Rinse your entire body

Knowing how to shower properly isn’t as intuitive as you might think. There are little things that guys do (or don’t do) in the shower that can make all the difference to their skin and hair. But with these expert tips, you can finally raise your shower game for the better.

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