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6 Great Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

6 Great Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

If you’re a gentleman with thick hair, you can go ahead and count yourself extremely lucky. Sure, thick hair has its challenges, but do you have any idea how many of your fine-haired brethren would KILL to have thick, voluminous hair? Answer: a lot.

Thick hair in men is a blessing—not a curse. If you’re struggling to wrangle your coarse locks into submission, part of the problem could be your haircut. Get yourself one of these amazing haircuts for men with thick hair and load up on men’s hair products. You’ll suddenly have a newfound appreciation for all that extra volume and fullness.

austin butler swept back long hair


1. Swept-Back Long Hair

Does your thick hair stick straight up when it’s short? Consider growing out your hair and sweeping it back for a sexy, laid-back vibe. This natural, swept-back style is just long enough to help weigh down thick hair for a tamer look. Ask your barber to add extra layers to reduce the bulk without compromising texture or movement.

How to Style: For a natural look you can rock every day, use a men’s styling cream to smooth stubborn flyaways and achieve light, non-greasy hold. Want to slick it back for some sinister swagger? Whip out your strongest styling product to lock hair in place for high shine and long-lasting hold. 

shawn mendes pompadour


2. The Pompadour 

One of the major benefits of having thicker hair? You get to rock a fuller pompadour! Granted, curly-haired gentleman may find this haircut a little tricky to style, but guys with thick and straight strands will get the best of both worlds with this heightened hairdo. Take a style tip from David Beckham by pairing your carefully-disheveled pompadour with a crisp suit.

How to Style: Apply a light pomade in your hair, starting from the back and working it deep into the roots. Blow-dry at an angle to create height. Set the style with a men’s hair spray and don’t let anyone touch it, lest they mess up your perfectly coiffed ‘do.’

kit harington sporting messy layers


3. Messy Layers

Struggling to control naturally wavy or curly hair? Add messy layers to your unruly mop like Harry Styles or the King of the North himself, Kit Harrington. Plan to space out your haircuts every 6-8 weeks and ask your barber to keep the length while removing weight via zig-zaggy layers. Keep strands out of your face by tucking them behind the ear, like Kit does in the picture above.

How to Style: If you have curly hair like Kit, a nourishing conditioner is an absolute must-have in your grooming arsenal. A high-quality conditioner will help prevent strands from becoming too dry and smooth out any frizzy locks. Once you’re out of the shower, apply a nickel-sized amount of pomade to your hair or use a styling cream to smooth flyaways.

john krasinski quiff


4. The Quiff

The quiff haircut is basically the pompadour’s less-showy sibling. Like the pompadour, the quiff haircut is ideal for thick hair types because it allows you to show off all that amazing volume you have! Seen on famous dudes such as John Krasinski and Zac Efron, this iconic men’s hairstyle is easy to achieve and works with a range of face shapes. Ask your barber to give you a tapered cut with more length on top for a modern look that is sure to attract the spicy senoritas.

How to Style: For a more natural look, use a high-quality hair putty or styling clay in lieu of a high-shine pomade. If you want to add volume and shine, choose a high-shine, high-hold pomade to finish the look.

liam hemsworth textured caesar hair


5. The Textured Caesar 

If you’re not a fan of big hair and high-maintenance, you’ll love this next haircut for men with thick hair. Short and stylish, the Caesar is a classic men’s haircut that is ideal for all hair types—including thick, curly hair. Adding piece-y texture to the Caesar is key to taming thicker locks, and a slight fade will help give this classic style a cooler vibe.

How to Style: The beauty of the Caesar haircut is that it’s extremely low-maintenance. To emphasize the textured look, spritz a sea salt spray into your hair and you’re out the door.

miguel jontel pimentel harpers bazaar

6. The High and Tight

Out of all the possible haircuts for men with thick hair, the high tight may be the best for curly-haired types. Marked by super short sides and a mop of curly hair on top, this style can be seen on R&B Miguel and the occasional Jonas Brother. Guys with thick, curly hair will love the high and tight because it’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that makes taking care of curly strands a total breeze. 

How to Style: Start by washing and conditioning your hair as usual. Apply a styling cream to damp hair to help control frizz and nourish your curls. Then rock on with your curly-haired self. If you're in a rush and want to achieve this hairstyle, simply apply a Texture Powder to dry hair (just a few sprinkles) and use your fingers to style into shape. 

Embrace Your Thick Locks

Stop trying to fight your thick hair—embrace it! You’ve been blessed by the hair gods with a head of super-thick hair. Ask your barber for one these haircuts for men with thick hair, load up on styling products and you can finally get your luscious mane under control.

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