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7 Men's Hairstyling Tips To Master The Hair Dryer!

7 Men's Hairstyling Tips To Master The Hair Dryer!

Article Outline

1. How to control heat & speed.

2. Advice on how to blow dry your hair.

3. How to create extra volume.

4. Common hair drying mistakes.

Just as the lightsaber is the weapon of choice for a jedimaster, the hair dryer, gentleman, is the tool that any well-groomed man needs to have in his hairstyling arsenal. But, just like with any weapon, to be a master you need to learn how to wield it properly. Otherwise, the hair tool could even become your worst hair enemy. In this Pedro’s Pointer Video, we breakdown and provide a variety of quick hair tips on how to best use a hairdryer.

  1. The first thing to know about a hair dryer is that they have a variety of different settings. There are heat settings and there are speed settings. Alpha almost always goes medium speed and medium heat.

  2. The hotter your hair dryer is the higher likelihood that you can burn your scalp or damage your hair. Grabbing a product like TREAT which is a heat protectant can be really helpful.

  3. You also don’t want the hair dryer to be right next to your hair, definitely give it some space between the tip and your head for the same reasons as in number two.

  4. In terms of speed, it really just depends on how fast you want the hair dryer to do its job.

  5. The fancy nozzle that rotates on/off we recommend keeping it on usually because it is easier to target and direct the hair the way you want it to go.

  6. If you want some extra volume, blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction. If you want super extra volume, you can also lean over because your hair wants to stand up more, almost like a gravity play. To take your volume to another level, grab yourself some Sea Salt spray.

  7. The final quick tip is that if you want to lock your hair in place at the end of the drying session set that bad boy on cool and give your hair a cooling blast to set it and forget it. 

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