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How To Avoid & Fix A Bad Haircut

How To Avoid & Fix A Bad Haircut

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1. How To Avoid A Bad Haircut

2. How To Fix A Bad Haircut

We’ve all been there; dusting off our favorite hat, preparing for weeks of hiding a bad haircut. No Bueno! Don’t stress gents, we’ve got you covered. Here are our sure-fire tips and tricks to avoid getting a bad haircut; and what to do if it’s already too late!

How To Avoid A Bad Haircut

Educate Yourself: The best way to prepare for your haircut is to know exactly what style you want; and to make sure your barber has the skills to pull it off. Seek recommendations from friends who are sporting cool haircuts, or do some research online, to make sure your barber is top notch and you have a style you like in mind.


Choose The Right Hair Style: If you prefer to not spend much time styling your hair, be wary of what hairstyles require more maintenance. Take your face shape into consideration when doing your research. Certain cuts suit certain shapes better! Be sure you can recreate the look. Getting a cut that looks good for one day is no Bueno. Make sure you can style it just as well as the barber. Know your barber. In the age of social media, most barbers will have photos of the work available to check out. Scroll through and check out their work. Are their edges clean? Do they fade correctly? You wouldn’t get a tattoo without checking the artist’s work. Treat your hair the same way.


Come To Your Haircut Appointment Prepared: On top of doing your research, you should also know what to bring to your appointment. Having a picture of your chosen haircut at the ready will help the barber visualize the style well. Searching for and saving a picture of a celeb with the style you want on your phone is a really fast and easy way to explain the style you want to your barber. You should also come to your appointment wearing your hair as close to your normal style as possible without any products. You should shower at home before your appointment and arrive with clean hair. This will show your barber how your hair naturally lays, giving them a much better idea of the cuts that need to be made to achieve the style you want.

Time Is Of The Essence: We recommend that, like any appointment, you arrive early to the barbershop. 10 minutes or more will do. This will ensure you get the best service and your barber will likely not feel the need to rush! If it has been quite a while (6 weeks or longer) since your last haircut, let your barber know you may need a few extra minutes.

Communication Is Key: Be communicative with your barber from the very start. Explain the style you wish to achieve as detailed as possible; again, having a picture on deck is an easy way to go. Also, be open to feedback. Your barber is a pro, trust them! They may tell you that the haircut you have in mind may not work the way you want based on your face shape, hair type, etc. Take their advice into consideration. Of course, if you are still dead-set on a certain haircut, they won’t turn you down, but just be aware of the possibility that the results might not be exactly what you hoped for. Communication is even more important during the cut. If you see that something isn’t as you had wanted or expected, let your barber know IMMEDIATELY. If you are both polite and honest, they may be able to fix it!


Ask Hair Care Questions: We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again; getting a cut that only looks good for one day is no help. Some haircuts require knowledge about how to style it and what products are necessary to keep it looking as fresh and cool as how it looked when you walked out of the barbershop. Get some detailed instructions on how to the barber styled your hair. How did they use the blow-dryer to shape? What comb type did they use to style? Also bring your favorite styling products with you to the shop. Your barber can show you the exact amount to use and how to apply, making it a breeze for you to recreate the look at home. They can even make recommendations if you need to switch products, like from a clay to a putty, to help give your style some extra flair. Or, just take our hair styling aid quiz do find the best product for you!

Become A Barbershop Regular: To ensure a good haircut, you should make going to the barber’s shop a regular part of your schedule. You should probably go in about 4 weeks after your haircut. It may seem too soon, but your hair grows much faster than you think. On average, hair grows about 1 inch every fourth week! Regular appointments will not only keep your haircut looking new, but also your hair itself will look healthier. This means, even if you are trying to grow it out to get that quarantine mane look, you should still trim it often to keep it looking healthy.

Give Something New A Chance: Change is good to keep things lively and exciting, so switch things up a bit. A new haircut can be life changing, so why not say goodbye to that same old bad haircut you’ve been sporting since your mom was the one who chose it. Hair grows back, so don’t be afraid to give something new a shot! If you're looking for some great hairstyle options, make sure to check out the Look Book. It's loaded with great styles and pictures to have you all set and ready for your appointment.


    How To Fix A Bad Haircut

    Try, Try Again: If you find yourself with a poor result, it is totally ok to ask your barber to fix it. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings, it's your hair after all, not theirs! If you just can’t bring yourself to tell them you are not satisfied, you can ask someone else, either at the same location or even at a different shop, to try and give it a quick fix.

    Pinpoint The Problem: Once you figure out what is bothering you about the hair cut, tell your barber exactly what you don’t like. Voicing your specific problem with the hair cut will allow your barber to understand what exactly you want fixed, and will give them a better idea on how to go about fixing the bad haircut

    Experiment With Hairstyles: Maybe you hadn’t planned on trying out a new hairstyle, but what better time to mix things up when your regular haircut goes wrong? Different styles may suit this specific haircut better and could possibly fix the problem, at least until it grows out again. Who knows, you may just end up finding your new favorite hairstyle!

    Start From Scratch: When in doubt, you could just cut it all off! If you feel that there's no fixing the mess, you can try out a buzz or crew cut. Remember you can always go shorter to fix a cut.

    Let It Grow: Yes, this may seem kind of pointless as you probably want to fix your haircut immediately. But sometimes, just letting it grow out is the easiest option. On average, hair will grow an inch every 4 weeks, so it wouldn’t be too long of a wait. Here are a few tips for quicker hair growth:


      Follow our tips and tricks to make sure your next barbershop appointment is a home run. Always remember, hair grows back, so if your haircut doesn’t turn out great, it’s not the end of the world (but yes, it still does suck). Good luck on your next haircut appointment, and if it by some crazy chance goes wrong, we know you will get through it!


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