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DRY Shampoo & Hair Volumizer

Dry shampoo and volumizer not only cleanses your hair and scalp quickly, but also provides incredible volume and texture. No water needed! Coming Soon In October!

(Available in US & CA only. No 2-Day Express.)


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Pete & Pedro DRY Shampoo & Hair Volumizer not only cleans your hair but also provides incredible volume and texture by absorbing the oiliness from your strands. No water? No problem! The dry shampoo spray is perfect for gents who don't need to wash their hair everyday but still want to eliminate that greasy feeling in their locks. It is the perfect option for those in-between traditional wash days as you will get the same cleansing benefits but don't have to hop in the shower to make it all happen.

Our formula is designed for all hair types and textures, and easily absorbs oil, sweat, and excess styling products, while naturally revitalizing and hydrating your scalp. Not only does our solution blend effortlessy with all hair types to eliminate any chance of leaving powdery residue behind, but is also one powerful oil absorber, and is a game changer when it comes to Bueno volume and texture!

Keep one in your gym bag to clean up after your workout and one in the office for emergency hair wash situations and quick volumizing touch-ups. It's perfect for camping and travel as well. Grab one of these bad boys to make sure you have truly clean and volumized hair wherever you go!

Paraben & SLS Free.

DRY Shampoo Benefits

Effectively Absorbs Oils, Odors, & Styling Products
Restores & Revitalizes Hair Volume
Instantly Adds Incredible Texture
Fortifies Oily Roots & Deep Cleans Scalp
Provides A Cool, Clean, Refreshing Scent
Easy To Blend Formula

    DRY Shampoo & Hair Volumizer @ a Glance

    Size: 3 oz. 

    Directions: Apply spray to dry hair. Use your fingertips to massage throughout your hair. Make sure to work the product down to the root and scalp to maximize the cleaning and volumizing power!