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The Best Of The Best Cool Barbershops: Amazing Cuts, Amazing Vibes

The Best Of The Best Cool Barbershops: Amazing Cuts, Amazing Vibes

Article Outline

1. Tailored Hair

2. True North Barbershop

3. Jed's Barbershop

4. Freedom Barber Co.

5. Joe's Barbershop

6. Dark Horse Barber Studio

7. Throne

8. Loyalty Barber Shop

9. The Argyle League

10. Barbershop Lounge

A great barbershop should be more than just a great cut, it should also provide an awesome vibe. ⁠We've compiled our list (in no particular order) of our favorite barbershops that put out the vibes. Check and see if your shop made the cut, or if you’re searching for a new shop in your area, theses spots are definitely doing it right!

Tailored Hair

San Diego, California

We can’t stress this enough. A great barbershop is more than just a cut, it’s an experience. The crew at Tailored Hair couldn’t agree more. Not only are you treated to an amazing, custom hairstyle tailored to you, but they go the extra mile to make you feel like a rockstar. Enjoy your beverage of choice, relax in the stylish lounge, and be treated to truly first-class service. They were voted the Best Men’s Salon in Sand Diego in both 2015 and 2016, and it’s easy to see why. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an elevated barbering experience customized just for you.


True North Barbershop

Phoenix, Arizona

A classic barbershop with a modern twist. These guys are bringing back the vintage barbershop feel in a big way... and we dig it a lot. Specializing in traditional men’s haircuts you know you’ll be walking out with a classic, timeless look executed to perfection. The red brick interior and pop culture décor emits a cool, dare we say, speak easy vibe. The classics truly never go out of style, and these guys are proving it.


Jed’s Barbershop

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jed’s Barbershop is about more than just amazing cuts. It’s a party! The skilled and friendly crew wanted to create a place where everyone is welcome and receives top-notch service, in an atmosphere that makes your shop experience one to look forward too. Their mission is “Great Cuts, Great Service, Great Fun” and they are living up to the hype. Snag yourself an amazing cut, and drop a high score on that old school Cruisin’ USA cabinet. We’re ready to book our appointment please.


Freedom Barber Co.

Atlanta, Georgia

Voted the Best Men’s Shop in Atlanta in both 2017 and 2018, this one was a no-brainer to make the list. The uber-modern décor, from the industrial style floor and ceiling, to the oh so popular barn door style wood work, this shop screams high end luxury, with the attention to detail of your classic mom and pop shop. Offering traditional shaves, beard detailing, and of course super fresh cuts, this shop is truly a one-stop shop for everything men’s grooming.

Joe’s Barbershop

Chicago, Illinois

Way back in 1968, Joe Caccavella Sr. opened the doors to his little 2 chair barbershop in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. 50 years later Joe’s son, Joe Jr. is carrying out the family business, providing an amazing grooming experience, and making people feel better about themselves. Winning Chicago’s Best Barbershop 7 years in a row, from 2010 – 2016, this shop has stood the test of time, and has become a staple in the community. 50 years is no small feat, here’s to another 50 more!


Dark Horse Barber Studio

Buffalo, New York

For the guys at Dark Horse, hair isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. Their motto is Dare to Be Legendary, and their cuts are nothing short of that. Classic barber shop decor infused with 80’s synth wave vibes, this shop takes all the things we love about the vintage barber shop feel and pairs it with all the modern luxuries needed to have a truly next level shop. Not only do they provide amazing hair and beard services, but also include spa-like treatments like hot towel facials and Thera gun massages, for a dare we say… legendary experience.



Portland, Oregon

When it comes to treating their clients like kings, Throne spares no expense. The attention to detail shown to each cut is second to none, and the top-shelf bar selection doesn’t hurt either. Their super comfortable, custom built leather chairs are truly fit for a king. The classic pub vibe of the shop is also super inviting, making not only a place to get an amazing cut, but a place you want to hang out and catch up with friends. When it comes to the barbershop experience, this one is truly top-shelf!

Loyalty Barber Shop

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Originally opened in 2012, the shop was a dream realized by three friends. Their vision? A barber shop with not only every chair having a licensed barber behind it that was capable of executing any men's style there is, but also done with taste, and in an environment where the customer is surrounded with culture. Man culture. Cars, motorcycles, music, art, tattoos, food, whiskey, shaving, fashion and style. Experience an age-old American Tradition practiced by professionals who care, in an environment truly set for the boys.


The Argyle League

Houston, Texas

What happens when 11 of the best barbers in Houston come together? You get The Argyle League. This shop is a gentleman's dream. From the timeless high-end decor to the healthy selection of whiskey's, and of course, to the amazing beard and hair services they offer, this is one shop you need to check out. As the say in Houston, stay sharp gentlemen.


Barbershop Lounge

Boston, Massachusetts

The name says it all... this one is definitely putting out the chill vibes. Renounced by local clientele like both the Celtics and Bruins, step inside the lounge and enjoy a masterful barber experience. Whether you're looking for a beard trim, a fresh fade, or a trendy ‘do, leave the lounge feeling fresh and pampered every visit.

Don't Forget To Ask Questions

Regardless of what shop you pick, your barber should be a pro, and full of helpful hair knowledge. Use it to your advantage. You want to make sure you not only look amazing on days you leave the shop, but every day in-between! Watch the video below to get all the advice you'll need.


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