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How To Give Yourself An At-Home Men's Manicure

How To Give Yourself An At-Home Men's Manicure

In this Pedro’s Pointer video/article, we provide all the quick tips and tools men need to do an at-home manicure. It all starts with the hands gents. Poorly groomed hands, means no chance with the spicy senoritas, and while you might not be brave enough to get a manicure at a salon, you can easily do one in the confines of your humble home.

Here’s our quickie tips and pointers for a manicure at home:

1. Grab a manicure kit which should have all or most of the key tools necessary to take care of your hands and more.

manicure kit

2. Always clip your nails when they are soft via water like after a shower, or keep the nails under the sink for at least a minute. This will prevent breakage of the nail.

3. Start with the nail clipper going around the nail trimming. Then, take the nail file and smooth out the rough edges after the clipping going around the contours of the nail.

nail clippers

4. Use the nail cleaner (sharp point) to get the remainder of dead skin and dirt from under your nails.

5. Use the cuticle nippers and pushers to protect and clean up the cuticle. Be careful here as the cuticle is very gentle. Don’t skip this step as the cuticle is really important as it protects the nail from getting infected.

6. Voila, you should be all set. The other products in the manicure kit are tweezers for plucking away brows and an ear wax removal tool – bonus tip - don’t go too far in that ear, stick to the rim!

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