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How to Get Dead Skin Off Your Feet

How to Get Dead Skin Off Your Feet

Article Outline

1. Common foot care mistakes.

2. Advice on best tools & products to use.

3. Tips for maintaining soft feet.

Guys, we know pedicures seem like a girls-only thing but they aren’t... they are amazing! No, getting a pedicure doesn’t mean you have a foot fetish, the reality is that your feet are the hardest working body part that gets the least amount of love. If you’re in a warm climate wearing sandals all the time, showcasing your feet with confidence is even more so important. It’s the little things that the spicy senoritas notice gents,  so please put in the little extra time and effort and you’ll see big results. 

And, let’s be honest here, no one wants to see ugly, calloused-over, crooked-toenail monstrosities, but having busted feet can actually be a serious health concern that can limit your mobility and cause infections too. Step one of a thorough men’s pedi is to get rid of all that sandpapery skin to reveal the silky-smooth skin underneath. If you feel self-conscious about rough, scratchy or dry skin on the bottom of your feet, read on to learn what you can do. 

Know the Root of the Problem

The reason why that often-neglected skin on the soles of your feet feel like your cat’s scratchpad is that it’s constantly exposed to friction and irritation yet tends to get zero moisture and love. If you’ve noticed that the heels and balls of your feet have suddenly stopped holding their moisture and seem to be cracking, flaky and rough all of a sudden, it may have something to do with aging. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and loses its ability to retain moisture, which can lead to moisture-zapped, calloused and cracked skin. Certain soaps and medications (including diuretics) can cause skin dryness, too.

How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Your Feet

Gather your bucket of hot water and your favorite men’s grooming tools because it’s time to give yourself a pro-level at-home pedi. Adding a little foot care to your grooming routine on occasion (once a month) may be exactly what you need to earn yourself pro-well-groomed status. Here’s how to do it.

man soaking his feet

  1. Soak Those Puppies—The first step to any pedi is always a good, long soaking session. Since you probably don’t have one of those spa-style pedicure bowls with foot-massaging jets at home, the bathtub will have to do. Fill the tub with warm water and add a couple of pumps of moisturizing body wash and let your tootsies soak for a good 10 minutes. Wash thoroughly and then rinse. You can also just do it right after the shower, but make sure you really get the bottom of your feet a good soak.
    Double-Sided Foot File
  2. Shave Away Rough Patches with a File—The aforementioned, prolonged soak isn’t just to get rid of the deeply set-in dirt and grime that has built up on your heels and toes. It’s also to soften the skin so that it will be easier to buff and file. Using our Double-Sided Foot File, exfoliate the rough and calloused spots of your heel with the coarse side, sloughing away those hard, outer layers of the skin. (Be careful! This tool is no joke!) Flip it around and use the fine side to smooth the soles of your feet and toes.
  3. Make sure your feet are dry—If your feet are still a little damp, towel-dry to make sure there are no moisture droplets still hanging out. For a deep dose of moisture, grab a body moisturizer and/or use a drop or two of TREAT Argan Oil to soften even the most stubborn patches of cracking, dry and hard skin. Rub the oil into the soles of your feet and around the cuticles and nails to get rid of the sandpapery stuff. 
  4. Apply powder to your feet - Before leaving the house, always apply powder to you feet. A good premium powder, talc-free of course, can help combat super sweaty stinky feet and protect from dead skin.  

Tips for Maintaining Soft Feet

We recommend giving yourself the soak-and-file treatment once a month or so, but there are a few other things you need to do to lock in the hydration and banish scratchy skin for the long-haul.

TREAT Argan Oil

  • Moisturize your feet regularly, at least once a week. Use a deeply hydrating body lotion all over after you get out of the shower. If you have extremely dry skin, rub your feet with TREAT Argan Oil before bed and then put on a pair of old socks to lock it in.
  • Sleep with a humidifier in the winter. Any dude with dry skin needs to take this tip seriously, even if it seems a little weird. That cold, dry winter air wrecks your skin on your face, hands and feet, but sleeping with the dehumidifier pumping can restore a little moisture.
  • Don’t shower with hot water. As great as it is, hot H2O can suck the moisture straight out of your skin, causing it to become red, irritated and itchy. Turn the heat down and take your showers or baths in warm water only.
  • Use a moisturizing soap or body wash. Be careful what you cleanse with, as some standard washes and bar soaps contain ingredients that can actually dry out your skin. Only use soaps specifically designed to maintain and improve hydration.

Keep Up the Good Work

As with basically any men’s grooming goal, keeping your tootsies free of dead skin is a matter of following some routine maintenance. Try your best to integrate these good habits into your routine on a consistent basis so you don’t wreck your progress and revert straight back to hiding your ugly feet in sneakers all summer long!


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