Pedro's Pointers: Do You Need Two Different Sized Nail Clippers?

Does size matter…when it comes to nail clippers, the answer is definitely yes!

You’ve probably noticed that clippers usually come in two sizes, one small and one larger with a longer handle. Small nail clippers are designed for your hands and the larger ones are actually for your feet. The nails on your hands/feet are two different sizes, they are usually thicker on your feet so having a longer handle will provide more leverage to trim them…plus, you are a bit farther away so it helps to get those weird angles like on the pinky toe!

For your fingernails, you don’t need that monster leverage to trim them so the small one will be perfectly fine and angle it a bit better as well. Either way, make sure you grab a quality pair of nail clippers (nails/hands are one of the first thing women notice about a man) as bad ones will lead to cracked nails, broken nails, hangnails, and worst case ingrown toe nails…which hurt!

You don’t want one of those.