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Double-Sided Foot File

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 Double-sided foot file has one side to remove calluses and rough patches of skin and a fine buffing side to leave your feet smooth and soft.

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Pete & Pedro Double-Sided Foot File is one of the most critical tools men need for proper feet grooming maintenance. While you might not be caught dead getting a pedicure (big mistake, they are awesome!),  you definitely should grab an invaluable foot file to keep the most hard-working and underappreciated body part (yes... your feet) in tip-top grooming shape.

Our professional quality foot file has two sides. The coarse file surface quickly reduces and removes dead skin and calluses. The fine file surface gently buffs away rough/hard/dry skin to leave your feet feeling ultra-smooth and mucho happy.

The foot rasp scrapers on the coarse file side are strong enough to battle those blue-collar, hard, callused skin areas, but gentle enough to be careful around the sensitive skin areas too.

The curved concave rubber coated handle is also emblazoned with our logo and makes it easy to hold whether wet or dry. The edge of the file is sealed with a silicone waterproof ring to prevent dirt from getting into the file. The file is made of surgical-grade stainless steel.

Don’t play footsies till you grab a foot file gentleman... you can thank us later!

Double-Sided Foot File @ A Glance:

Material: Stainless steel, rubber coated handle

Size: 10.2 x 2 x 0.4 inches ; 3.68 ounces

To Use: Soak feet to prep and help soften hard skin. Using at the end of the shower is always an ideal time. While skin is still soft and damp, use the coarse side to exfoliate especially rough or callused spots. Be extra careful with this side due to the rasp scrapers. Use the fine side to smooth bottoms of feet and around toes.


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Customer Reviews

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P&P Foot file

It’s so worth it.
I used scrubbing stones to scrub the calluses off my feet, I even used lava rock and they both barely did the job. I always thought face it you will always have rough feet UNTIL I bought the new P&P foot file! I used it once so far and that was good enough. I used the big side and scrubbed all the rough skin off my feet then I used the small side to file all my feet and man my feet are so smooth
I feel like I own a new pair of feet!!!
So Aaron and P&P team thanks so much for developing such cool manly products for my bath room arsenal.

Amazing Product

I was on the fence at first, however after the first use I could tell a major difference. with my feet I love this product and highly recommend to anyone considering to buy it just do it, you're feet will thank you later.


I can’t compare it to anything else I’ve never had one so no comparisons


I was scared of this at first, since out of the box it seemed very grabby and a lot more aggressive than any foot file I've used. But that translated to some amazing work on my feet. It was not overly agressive and a few errant swipes into my toes did no damage. Twice the progress in half the time. Best foot file I've ever used. Glowing recommendation. If you're on the fence, just buy it.

Great product

I could tell a significant difference in my feet after the first use. I use it regularly in the shower. I highly recommend