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To Starch Or Not To Starch Dress Shirts?

To Starch Or Not To Starch Dress Shirts?

Today, we try to answer the most Shakespearian of all questions... to starch or not to starch your dress shirts?

So you wore your favorite dress shirt and it got all stinky/dirty and so of course you bring it to the cleaners. Then, of course you get asked that tricky question of which you have no idea what the correct answer should be... do you want starch or no starch?

Here's the deal, gents. We're not big of fans of using too much/any starch. The first tip to know about using starch is that if you like that rigid, crisp shirt, then definitely go with starch. But, remember starch works best on cotton shirts. If it’s a poly blend and other similar types it is probably not the way to go. Also, if the shirt is darker it can make it a bit rough so, again, stay away. If you get your shirt starched every time it can also make the collars a bit shiny as the starch builds up.

It’s best to just tell the cleaners to launder and press which will still give the shirt that firm feel, but not hard crunchy feel that you get with starch. So, next time you’re at the cleaners walk in there confidently and say launder and press please, skip the starch! 

Use Powder To Manage Sweat

Another alternative to using Starch is to use a Body & Balls Powder. A good powder when used before putting on your dress shirt can help quickly absorb moisture and sweat throughout the day. It also protects your body from chafing providing that all-day comfort.

The problem with powders are most are talc based, which is extremely bad for you and your health, so our powder is a premium cornstarch blend which is completely talc-free! 

Just apply a bit to your armpits after a shower and other areas that might get sweaty, and you'll likely find your shirts won't need to starch your shirts and you'll feel more comfortable throughout the day too. Don't just stop at your body either, apply a bit down below before your big date as your spicy senorita will appreciate it later - there we said it. 

Available in Fresh (clean/crisp), Frost (cooling sensation), & Fragrance.


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