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What is the biggest mistake men make when cleaning their hair?

What is the biggest mistake men make when cleaning their hair?

Not Choosing The Correct Shampoo

Now if you want to go into specifics here, we have the article for you. But for the sake of time, just make sure you’re using the correct shampoo for your hair type. If you suffer from dandruff, use a dandruff shampoo. If you lack volume, use a volume shampoo. There are many options out there when it comes to great shampoo. So, make sure you're using the right one for you.

Not Fully Wetting Your Hair

In order to maximize the benefits of you shampoo and make sure your hair is truly getting a deep clean, it’s important to make sure every strand is wet.

Using Too Much Shampoo

The easiest way to gauge how much shampoo you need is going to be based on your hair length. For short hair a dime sized amount is great. For mid-length hair aim for a nickel sized amount. If you have long hair, quarter-sized will do just fine. The key is just to make sure you’re getting an even coat throughout the follicles. Using too much shampoo is not only ineffective, but can be costly too. Remember less is more.

Not Washing Your Scalp

Regardless of hair length you’ll want to spend a few minutes washing your scalp. It is just as important to have a clean scalp as it is to have clean hair. Even more so, if you suffer from dandruff. If you want to make washing your scalp a total breeze, grab yourself a scalp massaging shampoo brush. It's a great way to ensure your scalp is clean, and gives a pretty awesome scalp massage at the same time. Clean hair and a massage... that's a win-win!

Not Giving The Product Time To Work

The biggest mistake men make washing their hair is that once they put the shampoo or conditioner in their hair, they rinse it right away. NO! You have to be patient! Let the product sink in and do its magic. It is not a miracle worker, it needs a minute or two to soak into the hair and scalp. Sing your favorite tune for a minute, or use your watch and time it (or ideally wash your body while the shampoo gets to work). Then, after the 2 minutes you can rinse it out and have that Bueno Hair we all want and deserve!

Not Rinsing Completely

Shampoo, just like styling aids, can build up over time. Leaving shampoo in your hair can not only increase oil build up, but also can damage your hair. The rinsing process only takes a few minutes to make sure you get the job done. So, take a minute to relax, a let the shampoo completely rinse out.

Using Water That's Too Hot

We know how amazing a hot shower can feel after a long workout (or just any time, really), but you need to go easy on the hot water, fellas. Hot water can dry out your hair and skin like crazy, leading to problems like dandruff, flaky skin and itchiness. To keep hair and skin happy, turn the water temperature down. You don’t need to suffer an ice-cold shower or anything. Lukewarm water will do the trick just fine.

Not Using Conditioner

In many cases using a conditioner is equally, if not more important, than using a great shampoo. Even the best shampoo can strip you hair of it's natural oils, and leave it feeling a bit dry and unhealthy. Using a great conditioner daily is essential to maintaining your hairs health. If you want to avoid tangles and hair breakage, work the conditioner into the hair with a wide tooth comb or classic Denman brush, to ensure a nice even coat throughout.


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