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Tips For Buying A New Cologne Fragrance At The Store

Tips For Buying A New Cologne Fragrance At The Store

In this Pedro’s Pointer article/video, we make shopping for your signature cologne scent at the store a breeze. See, guys, colognes are wily. They like to trick you. You spray it on at the store, and you’re like this is the best cologne ever. Your spicy senorita gives her nod of approval. Then, you get home an hour later and you’re like this stuff doesn’t smell anything like it before. And, even worse, your spicy senorita gives you the thumbs down and says no-go my friend, get a new one. Sadly, this is happening across all the malls every single day and we’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen to you. So, what’s the deal?

Fragrances typically have three types of notes. The Top note is the one that lures you in with a more fresh, citrusy note typically. Everyone basically loves the top notes at first. That's the one the salesperson will spray on the card/you. But, here's the thing, that's just the beginning of the cologne, the fragrance actually changes over time to Middle notes (they help with the transition) and then finishes off with the key Base notes which are the lasting legacy notes that really make the cologne/fragrance what it is. The base notes are the ones that will linger/last on you for the rest of the day and the one your spicy senorita will notice in the end. That’s the notes you really want to pay attention to on the bottle description!

So, when you're trying colognes you have to be patient. Spray it on, go walk around the mall/grab some food for a half hour or so, so the cologne can settle in/transition. From there, take a whiff and ask your spicy senorita what she thinks then, and if you both still love it you've found your signature scent... which hopefully is REBEL!


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